Jesus took the keys


I don’t know when this letter will get to you, but I will write it, knowing you’ll get it. When I write, I have the faith that someone will listen to the words I get out of the Bible. When you disbelieve the Bible, you go against what God says, and that isn’t very smart.

As I travel around I see so much evil, more and more as I see the end of time approaching. We are living like hell on earth and not paying any attention to eternity. But I also see more and more people turning to Jesus.

There are a lot of people dying every day because people hate the name “Jesus”. Jesus came from Heaven to suffer and die to save us from the wrath to come. Who are we to say that there is no God?

If Jesus is not God, and I’m wrong, then you are safe. If I am right (and the only way you are going to know is when you stand before Him), the Bible says that Jesus paid for our salvation. I think that was a heck of a price to pay just because He loves us.

It was God’s plan to do it the way He wanted. People say “I can’t believe that”. Well, that’s okay with God because He told us how it is. We have a free will to choose.

Stop and think it over: follow yourself, or God, the Creator. It’s plain and simple. When you close your eyes down here for the last time, you better be right in your earthly thinking.

I know I make a lot of people mad because I hear a lot of talking. Sometimes I sit and say to myself, “Why do you waste your time talking to a dark world?” (By the way, God said that I am supposed to be a light in a dark world.) When I say “dark”, God said it before I did, just look around.

Do you see any evil? Are you doing evil? Do you ever read in the Bible what is going to happen to people that do evil? That kind of scares me. The Bible says that I don’t have the spirit of fear in me. Now, talking about fear, the Bible says that you had better fear the Lord. We don’t have to be afraid of Him, but we better fear what He is going to do to the ones that go against His Word.

“I can’t understand the Bible” is the greatest excuse that I hear. Well, if you can’t, you better learn, because when you stand before Jesus, do you know what He’ll say to you?

Yes, I talk about Jesus a lot, and people say that there is a day coming when we can’t talk about Him. Jesus said that He is the way to Heaven. What man has the power to tell you that? I keep wanting to say that people are stupid if they go against God, but that doesn’t sound very good, so I try not to say that very much.

God is Holy and He wants us to be Holy, because after after all, we were made in His image and created for His glory.

When I look back over my life, it seems like I have always thought of others. If you knew my past life, you would know it’s the truth. I guess I really do care, even for the ones that don’t believe or care only for themselves.

When you get right down to it, it’s love that can’t be explained. The love of God is so great that we will never understand how great it is. We know how great God’s love is, because He hung on that old rugged cross. Not only that, look how He was mistreated. No man should be treated that bad.

If you knew how I was mistreated, you would know how Jesus felt, and me too. I haven’t been treated as bad as Jesus was, but I have run for my life more than once when I was in the South in the 1950s. There has always been hatred. The Bible says be ready because you never know when someone will want to kill you.

I have been through so much, and I still have Jesus’ love. Jesus is walking with me now, and I’m climbing the stairway to Heaven. That’s why I can say what I say. Heaven is waiting for you. Come on, seek the Lord. My life now is the best it’s ever been. I care, I love, and I’m loved (and hated, too), but thank you, Jesus!

Charlie Huff Xenia, OH

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and guest religious columnist.

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