Ye Old Trail Tavern of Yellow Springs closed indefinitely following fire


By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

YELLOW SPRINGS – A grease fire took hold of the kitchen at the Ye Old Trail Tavern in Yellow Springs approximately 2:30 p.m. Saturday, and Miami Township Fire Chief Colin Altman said everyone involved was lucky.

Restaurant employees first attempted to kill the flames with a fire extinguisher, then evacuated all individuals from the building. When the fire department arrived to the scene, they were met with a fire burning in the kitchen, and smoke engulfing the restaurant. Altman said the restaurant suffered minimal damage, and no one was injured.

The Facebook page belonging to the Ye Old Trail Tavern said it will be closed indefinitely. However, the same Facebook post proceeded to state that the restaurant received the clear from the fire Marshall and insurance company Monday, Sept. 14, allowing kitchen cleaners to proceed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 16. Restaurant officials are now faced with removing the old stove and replacing it with the new one before the health department and building inspector can give the restaurant the clear to reopen.

Yellow Springs business closed indefinitely

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