You name it, someone will sell it


You name it and somebody probably is trying to sell it right now by running an advertisement in a local daily or weekly newspaper.

If you don’t believe me check out the classified ads in your favorite newspaper.

One advertiser here in my neck of the woods says he has thousands of comic books and collectible toys for sale.

Another advertiser is offering 112 circulated silver dollars for $1,999.

Dogs and cats are popular, too.

Airedale puppies are $700 and up, Dalmatian’s have $175 price tags and Golden Retriever pups cost $500 or more.

If it’s a kitten you’re looking for prices start around $50.

What’s that?

You say you aren’t in the market for a four-legged friend.

Hey, no problem-o. There are loads of other neat things to shell out your bucks for that don’t bark, beg, meow or go potty in the middle of your just-mopped kitchen floor.

There’s a $300 piano, a washer and a dryer for $115 each, seasoned firewood goes for $150 a cord and a piano sports a $500 price tag.

Singer Canaries are $70 for the males and $35 for females.

Want to move? There’s a house for rent for $1,150 a month.

The list of things for sale for sale goes on and on and on.

If you’re tired of household chores that involve doing household chores you can always pick up that used recliner that has a $50 price tag or the pre-owned king size mattress that’ll set you back $225.

By Bob Batz

Senior Moments

Bob Batz is a retired journalist and area resident and guest columnist. Contact Bob at [email protected]

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