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FAIRBORN – Pam Bates, member of Dignam-Whitmore Unit 526 –Fairborn and Clark County resident, received recognition at the Annual American Legion Auxiliary National Convention in Baltimore held this past week.

Kathy Dugan, National Leadership Chairman, named Pam as receiving the “Bullseye Target” award. She highlighted her accomplishments as the Department of Ohio American Legion Auxiliary Leadership Chairman for the 2014-2015 administrative year.

Some of her accomplishments were developing a Leadership Plan of Action; developing, organizing and instructing at Ohio’s ALA School of Instruction held in September and Mid-Winter Conference in January; developing an on-line ALA website Leadership Course; provided incentives to members who took the online National and Ohio Leadership Course; writing articles for the quarterly ALA Newspaper, the Buckeye Messenger; sending email blasts and Facebook notices to Department Officers and Chairmen on their leadership roles in our organization; writing monthly bulletins that are received by each of the units in Ohio; encouraged development of future leaders at all levels; enhanced leaders’ knowledge about out ALA history; programs and organization; encouraged the use of ALA reference documents and materials; fostered the mentoring program and nurtured a culture of goodwill; as well as the “can-do” attitude she provides.

Bates has been a member of the largest women’s organization, the American Legion Auxiliary, since 1976 and has held many leadership roles, including: National Vice Chairmanships; National Central Division Chairmanships; Department President; Department Chairmanships; District President and chairmanships; and unit president and chairmanships. She has been appointed by the 2015-16 National President, Sharon Conaster, as a committee member on the National Cavalcade of Memories and appointed by the 2015-16 Department President, Martha Setlock, as Department Leadership.

Bates feels that “the membership and leadership” work hand in hand and is important to the survival of our organization and a step forward to gain that one million members by 2019 at the National Level. Her goal for Department Leadership is to hold leadership workshops throughout the 14 Districts in Ohio for Senior and Junior members. She calls the program “train the trainers.” She also wants to develop some short slideshow presentations and YouTube videos of leadership information.

Pam Bates Bates

Herald News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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