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CEDARVILLE, — Cedarville University posted its ninth consecutive record enrollment. The university reported a total enrollment of 3,711 students — an increase of 2.5 percent from last year — in its undergraduate and graduate programs.

The growth has primarily come from a 14 percent increase in students enrolled in graduate and professional programs. There are 354 students pursuing degrees from Cedarville’s graduate or professional programs.

Freshman enrollment also increased, moving higher by nearly 4 percent to 819 students from the previous year. Along with the strong freshman class, entering undergraduates boast an average grade point average of 3.64 and 26 ACT score — five points higher than the national average.

While student recruitment was strong, retaining students was nearly at an all-time high as 85 percent of last year’s freshmen returned to Cedarville, continuing the tradition of outstanding student retention rates, a strong indicator of student satisfaction. In addition, Cedarville added 97 transfer students, which falls in line with averages from the past five years.

Cedarville University has enjoyed significant growth during the past six years. Enrollment has increased 13 percent since 2009, from 3,279 to the current 3,711.

Despite its growing numbers, Cedarville remains committed to its mission of preparing students to serve God in all they do.

“One of the major factors that causes students to enroll at Cedarville is the spiritual climate of the campus,” said Roscoe Smith, associate vice president for university admissions. “Our students value the spiritual development we are intentional about promoting here.”

Cedarville’s student population is diverse, drawing from 49 states and 58 different countries, and offers a top-quality education to go along with intentional spiritual discipleship.

“We approach things spiritually but also at a high level academically,” Smith said. “Academic quality means enrolling strong students who are ready to succeed in an academically rigorous environment.”

Submitted photo Cedarville University’s class of 2019. photo Cedarville University’s class of 2019.

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