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FAIRBORN — New mission and vision statements are the foundation of a new command strategy designed to push Air Force Materiel Command to be more agile as it delivers war-winning support to the warfighter.

The command’s new mission statement is succinct but declarative: “deliver and support agile war-winning capabilities.” The mission statement encompasses the entire spectrum of AFMC’s role as a provider of agile combat support. Agility is reinforced by a new vision statement designed to push the command to optimum performance. The vision statement is “Delivering the world’s greatest Air Force … the most trusted and agile provider of innovative and cost-effective war-winning capabilities.”

Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, AFMC commander, led the command’s senior leaders through a day-and-a-half session in early July to develop the statements and begin work on an updated AFMC strategic plan.

“In the current world environment, the Air Force and the other services are being forced to react more quickly and put greater emphasis on agility,” Pawlikowski said. “The Air Force’s ability to be agile comes from AFMC.”

AFMC’s six centers will deliver that agility through a revised list of core mission areas: the Air Force Research Laboratory discovers and develops new war-winning capabilities; the Air Force Test Center ensures our weapon systems perform as promised; the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center fields and supports all our weapon systems from cradle to grave; the Air Force Sustainment Center sustains and supplies our war-winning capabilities; the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center provides war-winning mission support to Air Force commanders worldwide; and the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center delivers and supports our nuclear deterrence capabilities.

The command’s nuclear mission was added to emphasize the unique nature of AFMC’s role in the nuclear enterprise. Installation and mission support was also added in recognition of AFMC’s newest role of providing mission support to Air Force installations worldwide through its Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center.

In preparation for revising the strategic plan, leaders developed a list of the things the command values in providing agile combat support to the Air Force. These are:

  • The trust and confidence of those we serve
  • Leading edge Airmen empowered to be agile and innovative
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Resource stewardship … making every dollar and minute count
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Enterprise focus … our Air Force

“What we value defines what is important to us,” Pawlikowski said. “They illustrate how we want to be viewed by those we support, how we respect our people and their well-being, and how we embrace our stewardship for the resources used to deliver war-winning capabilities.”

Command leaders will deliver an updated AFMC strategic plan in January 2016. The plan will include revised objectives and measurements linked to the vision and mission statement.

Story courtesy of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

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