Thursday’s Harness Racing Entries


Entries for Thursday’s Greene County Fair harness races, as of Monday, Aug. 3.

Courtesy of the United States Trotting Association.

Entries are listed by starting gate, horse’s name, (driver) and trainer stable.

First Race ($4,130 purse)

Sean DeHan Memorial

Sponsor: Bob & Shirley Briley

OCRA 3-year-old fillies, First Division

1. Fancy Jess (Jeff Nisonger) Carla Asher

2. Wagga Wagga Baby (Hunter Myers) Brian Georges

3. A Lucky Feeling (Logan Powell) Clarence Foulk

4. Ghetto Princess (Mark Wagner) Mark Wagner

5. Colossal Chaos (Brady Galliers) Williams Aldrich

6. Playa Del Sol (Jack Dailey) Jim Dailey

Second Race ($4,130 purse)

Patterson Family Memorial

OCRA 3-year-old fillies, Second Division

1. Hadtobeenamonday (Justin Hall) Justin Hall

2. Strong Player Lily (Chad Moore) Chad Moore

3. Betty Flynn (Joseph Essig) James Cargo

4. Kibby’s Flash (Zach Henry) Zach Henry

5. She’snobeachboy (Jack Dailey) John Ackley

6. Stormy’s Z Tam (TBA) Jim Arledge Jr.

Third Race ($4,056 purse)

Sponsor: Delaney Family Racing

OCRA 3-year-old fillies, First Division

1. Hello Chipper (Bryan Weaver) Bryan Weaver

2. Dj Rosie (TBA) Jim Arledge Jr.

3. Sammy Star (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

4. Mid Pack (Russell Swartz) Deborah Swartz

5. Aintnotimeforthat (Justin Hall) Justin Hall

6. Carolina Charm (Zach Mogan) Scott Mogan

Fourth Race ($7,707 purse)

Impson Memorial

OCRA 3-year-old colts

1. Get Away Chip (Roy Burns) Roy Burns

2. Ou Master Man (Jack Dailey) Earl Owings

3. Sunrise Joker (Scott Ferguson) Scott Ferguson

4. Kaptain Ohio (TBA) Jim Arledge Jr.

5. Crystal Cup (A.C. Beatty) Hugh Beatty

6. Moochin Off Sam (Gail Impson/Tyler Tinch) Gail Impson

7. Kaptain Tommy (David Myers) David Myers

8. Diamondpoint (Michael Smith) Mark Rowe

Fifth Race ($7,812 purse)

Sponsor: Linda’s Restaurants

OCRA 3-year-old colts

1. Tossie’s Flash (Jack Dailey) Ed Davis

2. Elijah’s Jack (Jeff Nisonger) Carla Asher

3. Moon Express (Mike Pokornowski) Dan Noble

4. Strong Feelin (Jack Dailey) Devan Miller

5. D Tom Kat (Jack Dailey) Devan Miller

6. Fire Valley (TBA) Jim Arledge Jr.

7. Robin’s Storm (Roy Wilson) John Ingram

Sixth Race ($4,056 purse)

Sponsor: Gene & Esther Pierson

OCRA 3-year-old fillies, Second Division

1. Heir Of Hope (Roy Burns) Rick Martindale

2. Baywood Kelly (Jack Dailey) Ed Davis

3. Tk’s Jelly Belly (Ryan Holton) Terry Millhoan

4. Redline Warrior (Gavin Bixler) Gavin Bixler

5. If I Could Count (Logan Powell) Clarence Foulk

Seventh Race $600 purse)

Sponsor: Bower Family Racing

Non-Winners of $600 in 2015, First Division

1. Cypress Hill Suds (Keely Moore) Roy Murphy Jr.

2. Cyalater (Jack Dailey) Mark Winters Sr.

3. Brother Dan (Trevor Smith) Jeff Smith

4. Sadies Scooter (Tyler Tinch) Eddie Poling

5. Chas Bo (Charles Bower) Charles Bower

6. Tricksaremyway (Jack Dailey) Jack Dailey

7. Tough To Take (Justin Hall) Justin Hall

Eighth Race ($1,117 purse)

SIGNATURE SERIES: Steve Phillips Memorial, First Division

Mack Snyder Memorial

Sponsor: Sonja Nolte

1. Ej’s Pocket Rocket (Trevor Smith) Jeff Smith

2. Chipchompinchampin (Jack Dailey) Jim Dailey

3. Fritas King (Christopher Hope) Charles Ringger

4. Look Yankee (TBA) Devan Miller

5. Tough Chip (Mike Pokornowski) Christi Pokornowski

6. Qb Killa (Bucky Troute) Bucky Troute

Ninth Race ($600 purse)

Sponsor: Bill Miller

Non-Winners of $600 in 2015, Second Division

1. Dance Leader (Michael Smith) Robert Burns

2. Feel This (Joshua Ferguson) Joshua Ferguson

3. Blueridge Casino (TBA) Thomas Horner Jr.

4. Art’s Pretty Lady (Michael Smith) Peg Carson

5. Budman (TBA) Thomas Pickett

6. O Yankee Buck (Herbie Brown) Travis Redden

7. Circus Annie (Jack Dailey) Jack Dailey

8. Thesharksbackntown (TBA) Gavin Bixler

Tenth Race ($1,117 purse)

SIGNATURE SERIES: Steve Phillips Memorial, Second Division

Sponsor: Earl Schneder

1. Sand Hickory (TBA) Thomas Horner Jr.

2. Rosetta Star (Hunter Myers) Sheree Myers

3. T Boone (Bucky Troute) Bucky Troute

4. Harvard’s Z Tam (Hunter Myers) Harry Groves

5. Sneeky Feet (Russell Swartz) Deborah Swartz

6. Doc’s Bonanza (Tommy Dawson) Mary Dawson

Eleventh Race ($800 purse)

Tom Meyer Memorial

Sponsor: Glenna Meyer

Non-Winners of $1,500 in 2015

1. Trottin Darla (Mark Gillenwater) Mark Gillenwater

2. Return to Paris (Christopher Hope) Charles Ringger

3. Simmy (Hunter Myers) Michael Myers

4. Way So Fast (Roy Burns) Roy Burns

5. Timeflies So Do I (Chad Moore) Chad Moore

6. Belles Big Stick (Roy Wilson) Mark Gillenwater

Twelveth Race ($1,191 purse)

SIGNATURE SERIES: Steve Phillips Memorial, Third Division

Sponsor: Greene County Agricultural Society

1. Make Your Move (TBA) Roger Hughes Jr.

2. Ota B D Best (Derek Watiker) Derek Watiker

3. Two Friskie (Jack Dailey) Mark Winters Sr.

4. Black Water Road (TBA) Steven Perkins

5. Odds On Serpens (Hunter Myers) Harry Groves

6. Playin For Keeps (Sherif Cunmulaj) Sherif Cunmulaj

7. Chance I Might (Jack Dailey) Jim Dailey

Thirteenth Race ($800 purse)

Sponsor: Greene County Agricultural Society

Claiming $3,000

1. Subliminal Hanover (Andre Nared) James Cargo

2. Pair of Eyes (Rebecca Chambers) Rebecca Chambers

3. Bluetime Avalanche (TBA) Darin Mouser

4. Bold Guy (Roger Hughes Jr.) Roger Hughes Jr.

5. Sterling Chris (TBA) Roger Hughes Jr.

6. Debi’s Sign (Keely Moore) Roy Murphy Jr.

7. Putnampacingmachin (Keely Moore) Roy Murphy Jr.

Fourteenth Race ($600 purse)

Sponsor: Greene County Agricultural Society

Non-Winners of $600 in 2015, Third Division

1. Noodles (Justin Hall) Jack Fisher

2. Kf Shark (Zach Henry) Zach Henry

3. Jean Leader (Michael Smith) Robert Burns

4. Mandy E (TBA) Thomas Pickett

5. Big City Joe (Jack Dailey) Amy Eubanks

6. Right Kinda Wrong (Mike Pokornowski) Dan Noble

7. Kingfishers Gold (Skyler Bennett) Ty Van Rhoden

8. Bagaholic (Keely Moore) Roy Murphy Jr.

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