Wednesday’s Harness Racing Entries


Entries for Wednesday’s Greene County Fair harness races, as of Monday, Aug. 3.

Courtesy of the United States Trotting Association.

Entries are listed by starting gate, horse’s name, (driver) and trainer stable.

First Race ($600 purse)

Non-winners, $2,500 in 2015

1. Desired Entry (Jack Dailey) Jack Fisher

2. Vital Jenna (Jack Dailey) Robert Steck

3. Whale Of A Tale (To Be Announced) Thomas Prickett

4. Justastepahead (Hunter Myers) Terry Groves

5. Sporty Dude (Jason Beattie) Jason Beattie

6. Awesum Desire (Jeff McNabb) Jeff McNabb

7. Mm’s Shocking Guy (Robert Scott) Robert Scott

8. Life Is The Ticket (Roy Wilson) Brian Clemmons

Second Race ($1,525 purse)

SIGNATURE SERIES: Ray Henley Memorial

1. Mj’s Victory Wish (Hugh Beatty) Doyle Bross

2. Spring Goal (Tylor Lough) Terry Deters

3. Hooray ForWillie (Jack Dailey) Brian Georges

4. Careless Love (Larry Steenbergen) Larry Steenbergen

5. Can’t Lose (Ty Van Rhoden) Ty Van Rhoden

6. Stanley Begonia (Russell Swartz) Deborah Swartz

7. Tesla (Jack Dailey) David Brumbaugh

Third Race ($7,086 purse)

CHIP NOBLE MEMORIAL (OCRA 2-year-old fillies)

1. Light One Up (Brady Galliers) Brady Galliers

2. Don’t Frisk Me (Michael Smith) Jim Dailey

3. Leggs Over Easy (Jack Dailey) Dan Conkright

4. Heart Of A Native (Jeff Niswonger) Lorie Davis

5. Big Bad Body (Jeremy Smith) Aaron Young

6. Dressed To Party (Jack Dailey) Travis Redden

7. Rock N Roll Rosie (Jason Brewer) Jeff Brewer

8. Youlookhot (Joseph Essig) James Cargo

Fourth Race ($4,200 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old fillies

1. Cayenne Mistress (A.C. Beatty) A.C. Beatty

2. Smarty Trot (Jack Dailey) April Roach

3. Match Point (Hugh Beatty) Hugh Beatty

4. St’s Josie (Jeff Nisonger) Douglas Ross

5. Windy’s J Bug (Trevor Smith) Jeff Smith

6. Caviar’s yankeechip (Ty Van Rhoden) Ty Van Rhoden

Fifth Race ($4,849 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old colts

1. Brando (Jason Beattie) Michael Richardson Jr.

2. Canadia’s Bakin (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

3. Stand Like Awinner (Justing Hall) Jack Fisher

4. Paydaze A Rockin (Jiff Niswonger) Douglas Ross

5. Baywood Shadow (Jack Dailey) Ed Davis

6. Joey First Up (Ken Holliday) Travis Redden

7. River Valley Jet (Jack Dailey) April Roach

Sixth Race ($4,290 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old colts

1. Shano (Bryan Weaver) Bryan Weaver

2. Moose Madness (Charles Lee Jr.) Charles Lee Jr.

3. Liontamer (Jason Brewer) Jeff Brewer

4. Nobletucky Joe (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

5. Roundtown Rocker (Jack Dailey) William Hartman

6. Sr Amigo (Scott Ferguson) Scott Ferguson

Seventh Race ($800 purse)

Ohio Ladies Pace, Non-winners of $10,000 in 2015

1. Dalcroft Big Guy (Rebecca Chambers) Roger Hughes Jr.

2. Party In The Park (Rhonda Hunter) Jason Beattie

3. A Little Naughty (Keely Moore) Roy Murphy Jr.

4. Lc Plum (Gail Impson) Gail Impson

5. Bettorseeitmyway (Mary Dawson) Mary Dawson

6. Baby Bubby (Makala Pollock) Jim Pollock Jr.

7. Reckoning Day (Meredith Noble) Dan Noble

Eighth Race ($4,200 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old Fillies, Second Division

1. Shine Lika Star (Justin Hall) Justin Hall

2. Heather’s Pride (Hugh Beatty) Hugh Beatty

3. Away With Buble (Mike McNabb) Jeff McNabb

4. Wegotthechips (Jack Dailey) Jim Dailey

5. On Her Terms (Jeff Nisonger) Charles Ringger

Ninth Race ($7,086 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old fillies, Chip Noble Memorial, Second Division

1. Breathless Feelin (TBA) Mark Winters Sr.

2. Let Me Explain (Jeff Nisonger) Jeff Nisonger

3. Babe With Bullets (Jeff Nisonger) Ben Davis

4. Bunny Direct M (Jack Dailey) Jack Dailey

5. Wahini Sundae (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

6. Feelin Colossal (TBA) William Aldrich

7. Double A Diamond (Jeff Nisonger) David Elliott

8. Nobody Cares (Jeff Nisonger) Douglas Ross

Tenth Race ($4,290 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old colts, Second Division

1. Lynn’s Caviar (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

2. Wesley (David Myers) David Myers

3. Happy-go-marion (Jason Brewer) Jeff Brewer

4. Rocket Chip (Jack Dailey) Jim Dailey

5. Quickdrawhall (Ty Van Rhoden) Ty Van Rhoden

Eleventh Race ($800 purse)

Non-Winners $600 in 2015

1. Windestructable (John Miller) John Miller

2. Chip Chip Zoe (Rebecca Chambers) Rebecca Chambers

3. Letsdukeitout (Christopher Hope) Charles Ringger

4. Shelly Ross (TBA) Donald High

5. Mj’s Wings Away (Jack Dailey) Doyle Bross

6. Sammy Merlot (Kenny Edwards) Kenny Edwards

Twelveth Race ($4,849 purse)

OCRA 2-year-old colts, Second Division

1. Crown Time Nofooln (Ryan Holton) Steve Carter

2. Follow Your Arrow (Mark Gillenwater) Mark Gillenwater

3. Crosswinds Dodger (Jeff Nisonger) David Elliott

4. Baywood Dale (Jack Dailey) Ed Davis

5. One Will Bj (Jack Dailey) Scott Mogan

6. Votto (Trevor Smith) Jeff Smith

7. Rsoulman Ken Win (Jack Dailey) Ray Belt

Thirteenth Race ($600 purse)

Non-Winners $2,500 in 2015, Second Division

1. Cyalater (Jack Dailey) Mark Winters Sr.

2. Hey-ho-a-lena (Joseph Essig) Eddie Poling

3. Profile (Tyler Tinch) Greg Henderson

4. River Valley Les (Rebecca Chambers) Rebecca Chambers

5. Sweet Caldonia (Jeff Nisonger) David Brumbaugh

6. Boo Hoo (Hunter Myers) John Tatham

7. U R Fancy (Wyatt Avenatti) David Avenatti

8. Exactorman (Larry Steenbergen) Larry Steenbergen

Fourteenth Race ($1,450 purse)

SIGNATURE SERIES: Ray Henley Memorial, Second Division

1. What Do You Want (Larry Steenbergen) Larry Steenbergen

2. St’s Frankie (Jeff Nisonger) Douglas Ross

3. Up Front Corbin (A.C. Beatty) Hugh Beatty

4. County Full Mac (Bud High) Bud High

5. Fox Valley Sienna (Matthew Avenatti) David Avenatti

6. Faster N Funk (Roger Hughes Jr.) Roger Hughes Jr.

(Thursday’s entries will be posted in Wednesday’s newspaper.)

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