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YELLOW SPRINGS — Local members of Scouts for Equality — the national organization leading the campaign to end discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America — praised yesterday’s historic vote by the BSA’s National Executive Board to end the organization’s decades-old ban on gay adults.

“This vote marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Boy Scouts of America,” said Lake Miller, the Chapter Lead of Tecumseh Council Scouts for Equality and an Eagle Scout with the class of 2013. “While we still have some reservations about individual units discriminating against gay adults, we couldn’t be more proud of the Boy Scouts for today’s decision. We’re excited about the future of Scouting.”

Scouts for Equality—a group of current and former Boy Scouts members—has led the charge in campaigning for an end to the Boy Scouts of America’s ban since 2012. In 2013, the BSA voted to end its ban on gay youth members, which many saw as a stepping-stone to full inclusion for the organization. Today, the work of this campaign was vindicated by an historic vote from the Boy Scouts of America.

“Tens of thousands of people came together because they wanted to build a better future for the Boy Scouts of America, and that future starts today,” said Zach Wahls, the Executive Director of Scouts for Equality. “I couldn’t be more proud of the tireless work of our members, volunteers, and staff over these last three years.”

The resolution approved today ends the BSA’s decades-old ban on gay adults while reaffirming the First Amendment right of Boy Scout units chartered (i.e. legally sponsored) by religious organizations to select troop leaders in accordance with their religious principles. In effect, Boy Scout units sponsored by churches will have the right to continue discriminating against gay adults on a troop-by-troop basis. Boy Scout units sponsored by secular organizations will not be allowed to discriminate.

“We’re calling on gay Eagle Scouts, parents who are straight allies, non-profit organizations who support LGBT equality and anyone else who has walked away from the Boy Scouts to rejoin the fold,” said Lake Miller “Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Scouting movement.”

Please feel free to call or email the Tecumseh Council SFE Press Contact Lake Miller at any time. He is more than happy to sit down for interviews or to answer questions over phone or email.

Story courtesy of Tecumseh Council Scouts for Equality.

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