Rezoning rejected


FAIRBORN – The City of Fairborn’s planning board has rejected the rezoning of an area of land to mining that is currently zoned as agricultural.

The land was previously annexed from Xenia Township, which has already passed through the hands of county and city officials. However, the planning board’s decision will halt or delay the rezoning process for the more than 600 acres involved.

The land is intended to be used by CEMEX, which is a “global building materials company,” according to its website. Since the board’s decision, the company can decide to resubmit the rezoning request and ask for reconsideration, or file an appeal against the decision.

Some residents of the area in question spoke up at the meeting in which the rejection took place, voicing their concerns that the company could be blasting as close as 250 feet from their properties.

Planning Board Member Joan Dautel said in an email interview that the criteria items laid out by city staff was met for the rezoing, and she expects CEMEX to appeal the decision.

By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

Whitney Vickers is a reporter with Greene County News.

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