Obama, Kerry: Advocates for whom?


It is not only without merit, validity, and intelligent analysis but totally flawed, dangerous and a green light to achieve nuclear weapons capability. About what am I commenting?

The so-called “Nuclear Deal” between the US and Iran’s radical zealots. The Obama Administration is so desparate for a signed agreement that they have totally abandoned any semblance of logic, reason, resolve and backbone to have what they consider to be “bragging rights” going into the 2016 general election.

Neville Chamberlain had a similar mindset in 1938 via his infamous signed document with Hitler in 1938 that he declared to be “Peace in Our Time” upon arriving back in London returning from the Munich Conference that destroyed the nation of Czechoslovakia without a shot being fired.

Be comparision, Obama and Kerry make Chamberlain look like a tough guy! That in itself is frightening! And in case anyone doesn’t remember, a little distraction known as World War II came along, as a result. Sadly, most of Americans today, are not aware of that era in world history.

If nothing else, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are disregarding and totally trashing the Constitution of the United States which among other things requires the American President to swear that he/’she will “preserve, protect, and defend” this nation “against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God.” By violating that solemn and formerly sacred oath, Obama and Kerry have not only placed this country in danger, but the entire Middle East, and ultimately the civilized world as we know it.

For Iran to disavow, dictate, and obtain concessions on virtually every so-called “red line” that was supposedly off the table, with their staged demostrations of crowds in Tehran shouting “death to America” and other noble slogans, is confirmation of their negotiators’ sincerity and honorable intentions.

And we are supposed to be delighted at the quality of their word and integrity? How absurd and inept can we be? Sadly, during these past several months of “negotiations’, the hollow and total worthless verbal garbage that our brilliant American diplomats have accepted and presumably to which they have agreed, is beyond reasonable comprehension, by any standard of intelligent thought.

Iran has had the upper hand throughout this entire circus. The American negotiators apparently entered into these talks with orders to get something signed, regardless of the flaws and traps that might be incorporated in the document, even if our hands were tied and we were left without any recourse to do anything about violations and other various and sundry details.

Does anyone with a modicum of realistic analysis actually believe that genuine inspections will occur by the international community as to the reactors, research labs, and production facilities of fissionable materials will take place?

Factor in the “technical assistance” being provided by Putin and North Korea in God knows what form along with economic infusions of capital and there you have the “perfect storm’!

This would all be laughable and considered rediculous if it were not so dangerous and alarming beyond reason. This goes far beyond any domestic political gamesmanship for our nation. For any Democrat or Republican to come out in support of this nearly “done deal” (which may have already be fact by the time this appears) would be not only without merit, but illogical and a total denial of reality.

I may be hoping for something which is beyond reach by now, but let us ALL hope that in the near future, we Americans out here in the real world, will have the will, the fortitude and the patriotlism to start bringing this nation back to the bedrock, solid principles and values that established our beloved USA; “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

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