City collecting fees


FAIRBORN – The City of Fairborn annually collects unpaid fees for mowing, demolishing abandoned buildings and utility usage from residents and landlords — and its deadline for payment is approaching.

Individuals who are affected include: landlords with tenants who moved from their property and closed their utility service accounts for water, sewer and trash with balances; residents who left balances on utility service accounts while moving within the city; individuals who violated city code and forced city employees to mow their yard; and property owners who utilized the city to have an eye-sore building demolished.

Those who are impacted will receive letters — scheduled to be mailed July 20 — regarding the fees and payment due date, which is Aug. 21.

“We changed our system to notify landlords when their tenants are 30 days late,” Fairborn City Manager Deborah McDonnell said. “That gives them the opportunity to (ask them). We’re trying to be business-friendly in that sense to let them know that there may be an issue with a tenant.”

If individuals fail to pay, they could face a hike in their property taxes.

“It goes to the county and then it gets put on their property tax bill,” she said. “A lot of people go ahead a pay it before it goes on their tax bill. The county is going to charge a fee for (adding) it; they’ll pay more money.”

The fee for mowing varies by the property size, but the amount will include the $200 administration fee.

“(The most beneficial) thing to do is maintain your property so we don’t have to do any of that,” McDonnell said.

Fairborn City Council passed the annual ordinances during its June 15 regular council meeting. The city has assessed the total amount owed at $495,056.76 in unpaid fees, with weed-mowing charges standing at $95,509.20, unpaid utility balances totalling 66,605.80 and nuisance abatement fees being $332,941.76.

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