Beavercreek’s tradition lures Pompos to AD job


Brad Pompos

By John Bombatch

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BEAVERCREEK — As a coach and an athletic director in the Dayton area, Brad Pompos knew all about the tradition and talent that eminated from the Beavercreek High School athletic programs year in and year out.

So when friend and mentor Jim Smerz had decided to retire from being the Battling Beavers’ AD at the end of the 2014-‘15 school year, Pompos knew where he wanted to work. Recently, the former West Carrollton High School Athletic Director was named as the new Athletic Director at Beavercreek.

“I knew that Jim was going to be retiring. It was a job that I had admired from afar, but it wasn’t a job I could apply for just because of where I was at in my career. It’s also a job that doesn’t turn over very much. I think Beavercreek has only had maybe seven or eight Athletic Directors in essentially the last five decades,” Pompos said. “So the job doesn’t come open very often. It’s obviously a very strong school district with a lot of tradition both athletically and academically, so I’m very excited to make the transition.”

The job was interesting personally for Pompos, because Smerz had been his athletic director when Pompos was a student at Miamisburg High School. “Jim mentored me when I made the transition from being a football coach (at Dayton Christian) to becoming their Athletic Director. … So I knew, from knowing Jim, that the Beavercreek job was an opportunity for me to really jump on,” he said.

The 34-year-old Pompos has a bachelor’s degree from Miami University (class of 2003) and received his master’s degree from the University of Dayton in 2005. He initially coached football at Miamisburg High while working at Wright State University upon graduating from UD. Pompos then was a member of the Dayton Christian High football coaching staff for three years before becoming the Dayton Christian Athletic Director three years later. He’s been the AD at West Carrollton High for the past three years.

“The strength and tradition at Beavercreek has always impressed me. If you look at this past school year alone, there were several Beavercreek teams that competed at the state level. There’s certain sports like soccer where Beavercreek is making it to districts or regionals year in and year out. This year, I think boys and girls soccer made it pretty far into the post season, boys volleyball was the state runner up, and then you’ve got boys and girls bowling where both teams made it to the state championship and the boys won.

“(Beavercreek) is very strong across the board in all their athletics, but I was also impressed with how strong they are academically. During the interviewing process, I was told Beavercreek was ranked among the top 100 public schools in the country,” Pompos said.

The new athletic director has set up meetings with all the coaches during the last two weeks in July. He said he hopes to maintain Beavercreek’s strengths in various sports programs while finding ways to build up the program in other sports.

Pompos, 34, and his wife, Courtney have three children: Colton (7 years old); Jackson (5) and Hadley (3). The family resides in the Miamisburg area for now, but have begun looking at homes in the Beavercreek area.

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