Watching daytime programming


Sometimes when I don’t have anything better to do I plunk down in my favorite easy chair, pick up my channel – changer and check out what daytime TV shows are airing that day.

Unfortunately I rarely find a daytime program that sounds appealing to me.

What’s up with the daytime offerings these days?

I don’t watch much TV in the daytime but when I do plunk down in my favorite easy chair and relax for awhile I’m not finding many daytime shows I want to watch.

I receive dozens of channels but despite all those options my daytime TV fare these days is big-time boring in the daytime.

I admit there are lots of TV shows available to watch but doggone it all most of them don’t even come close to entertaining me.

Some that don’t thrill me a whole lot either include programs about couponing, electronic gifts you can buy for a loved one, two kid’s cooking shows and a show offering hair-styling tips for women.

I also found a show about the Russian Revolution, which I have absolutely no interest in and several others that offer cartoons.

I will admit there are a handful of shows with titles that tempt me to tune just to see what the heck they are all about.

But then I fight the urge and turn on my living room radio.

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