School board considers levies for next year


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Schools has the possibility of introducing levies on the March and November 2016 ballots, respectively.

Voters may have the option to take their stand regarding whether or not to renew an operational levy for the schools in March, which would be renewed again in five years.

The November levy relates to the possibility of building a new facility.

“One thing I think we should be doing is listening,” Fairborn Board Member Jeri Luce said. “We’re going to ask them to pass these [levies], we’re asking for their help in all these things … and I think if we make it more personable and have more two-way communication in what we have, I think that will help us a lot in reaching out to the public and being more open.”

The board agreed to include a resolution involving Superintendent Dave Scarberry’s Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) process at the next meeting. In order for him to proceed, the board must first grant their approval, which will take place in the coming weeks. Scarberry must meet a mid-July deadline to begin planning.

Members additionally discussed preparing a “wish list” in regards to school programs they’d like to see receive additional funding. However, District Treasurer Nicole Marshall suggested waiting until the end of the month, as the recent budget will be in place, before proceeding.

“Let’s not focus solely on ‘back to the future’ more or less, things we’ve cut in the past and reestablishing those,” Fairborn Board Vice President Roland Parks said. “Let’s think about the future needs also.”

Board members additionally discussed the involvement of the community during Wednesday morning’s work session, regarding the use of the school’s facilities for community athletic teams, pairing up with the city to produce audio and visual announcements as well as holding their own community forum.

“We have this image of being unapproachable,” Luce said. “I’m trying to figure out a way to break that down, because it shouldn’t be like that.”

Members wished to wait until school was back in session before holding the forum in hopes of drawing a larger audience. Due to Ohio Sunshine Laws, they are unable to participate in community forums held by city organizations.

“I think the problem is communication,” Parks said. “There’s all these different forums and they’re drawing all these conclusions, but no one is putting it all together … What we’re here for is the kids — it’s about the students.”

During its latest regular board meeting held last Thursday evening, the board recognized the districts teachers who had taught their last lessons as well as classified staff members who had performed their last acts of service for the district before retiring. Teachers included Betsy Burns, Dora Goble, Jennifer Gullett, Julia Keller, Frances McNelly, Marie Miller, Barb Rife, Barb Skusa, Pam Tritsch and James Rougier. The retired-teachers collectively spent more than 300 years in service to the Fairborn School District.

Classified staff members included Myra Ball, Barb Bizzarro, Dave Cook, Sandy Gibbons, Jerry Stewart and Jackie Wetsig. The classified retirees spent more than 130 years collectively in service to the school district.

The board will hold a special year-end meeting 6 p.m. June 29, and its next regular board meeting 6 p.m. July 9.

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