Appropriate legislative actions


We seldom hear of Federal legislators taking appropriate action to prevent further abuse of our freedoms and liberties by some aspect of the federal Government. It is my pleasure to report the ones below.

Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) has introduced H. Res. 198, which defines 11 impeachable offenses that would start the House process for impeachment. One of them is killing American citizens at home or abroad who are not actively engaged in hostilities against the US.

My preference would have been to apply that criteria to all persons who had not been accorded due process of law. Only a declaration of war permits the killing of innocent civilians as collateral damage when taking out enemy combatants hiding among them.

Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) has picked up the torch carried by Ron Pail of Texas for many years to “Get US out of the UN.” His “American Sovereignty Restoration Act” bill bears the number H. R. 1205. Contact your Senators and ask them to introduce companion legislation in the Senate. Ask your Representative to co-sponsor H. R. 1205.

Support “Audit the Fed” bills in both houses of Congress. The Fed is a private corporation with unknown stockholders that controls our money supply. It charges six percent interest on all money it creates out of thin air and loans to our government to fund activities. The Fed has never been completely audited.

Oppose granting the administration Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). The content of these secret agreements are hidden from the American public and Congress. Only large corporation CEOs and high level Administration officials have access. Unless stopped, these trade agreements will grow to become the equivalent of the European Union (EU) Trade Agreements. The EU started as a series of trade agreements in 1961. Now 28 former sovereign nations find themselves forced to follow dictates from unelected officials in Brussels. Those 28 nations have lost most of their freedoms and independence. Stop the US from falling into that trap.

Oppose Con-Con resolutions in state legislatures that would open up possibilities to completely change our Constitution. Insist instead we abolish the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution, and repeal the Federal Reserve Act – all passed in 1913. That would put the Genie back in the bottle until some clever politician convinces the American public to turn him loose – again.

Call your Congressmen and state your position – pro or con – on the above vital subjects. That call could decide the issue in your Congressman’s mind.

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