Charity concert raises $2,000


FAIRBORN — Some Fairborn musicians and friends put on a concert to benefit the community, raising almost $2,000.

Fairborn resident Greg Spahr and 32 other musicians played at Spahrpalooza 2015 and raised nearly $2,000 for Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton and SnakPaks for Kids.

The idea for a charity concert originated two years earlier.

“I’ve been in many different bands in the past 35 years, and I have lots of friends who are musicians,” Spahr said.

In 2013, Spahr and some of his friends got together and put on a concert, which he paid for out of his own pocket.

“The first Spahrpalooza was held as a private party, the purpose was to gather a bunch of old friends together to perform and have some fun,” he said. “We had six or seven different acts that played together, and we ended up getting a bunch of donations, and after paying for expenses, I gave what was left to charity.”

The event’s success got Spahr and his friends thinking that they should do it again, only with corporate sponsorship and specific charities. Two years later, they did just that.

Spahrpalooza 2015 was held June 6 at the Moose Lodge at Fairborn. Ten different acts and a total of 33 musicians played covers and original songs for a combined six hours. The genres ranged from folk to hard rock to classic rock to country.

Spahr says he has plans to do this again, although he does not know when.

The event was sponsored by Fairborn Self Storage, Living Well Spine Center, PrimeLending, and Jamie’s Tire & Service.

The acts that played Spahrpalooza 2015 included Eighth Leading Thought, Sneaky Weasels, Doug Moore, Bob’s X-Wife, Todd Spahr, Greg Spahr & Friends Supergroup, Dylan Steelman, Corky’s Old Time Rock and Roll Band, SporK, and the Special Guest Band.

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