Woody: Warning signals


During the middle of the last century, an evangelist was traveling through three states to preach at a revival in the South. After the powerful meeting concluded, the joyous but tired man of God immediately started the long journey home.

Before dawn broke the next morning, he ran into heavy fog. The evangelist slowed down but continued the trip. He noticed a figure standing in the middle of the road waving his arms frantically.

The evangelist tried several times to go around to no avail. The hysterical man was now shaking his coat from side to side, and eventually threw himself in front of the car. Having had enough, the weary evangelist stopped his car and hurried out to confront his tormentor.

“What are you doing?” he asked the stranger. “Are you crazy? I could have run over you and killed you.”

The stranger composed himself and revealed to the startled evangelist that the bridge ahead had collapsed and several vehicles had fallen into the water. He was warning motorists!

The evangelist quickly gave his dry coat to his newfound friend and remained in the middle of the road to help stop possible fatalities.

Police and emergency personnel soon arrived. The shaken evangelist departed for home.

After reaching his destination, he told his wife the ordeal. The evangelist was crying as he ended the conversation. “God has warning signs for human beings, but some still won’t heed. They trample over the precious blood of Jesus into hell.”

Warning signals are everywhere, every day! There are signs along the roads for our protection, doctors give us health warnings (about what we eat and drink) and God gives us warnings for our souls.

Are you listening?

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