Missing man seen in Greene County



XENIA — An Ohio man seen in eastern Greene County Tuesday evening is missing, after reportedly driving by his destination. John E. Farrell, 87, of Scioto County, was seen June 9 at about 6:30 p.m. passing by his brother’s house on Parker Road in Jamestown.

Farrell is described as about 5 feet 2 inches and about 180 pounds. According to a release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, he was driving a blue, four-door Ford truck with flames painted on the doors, having Ohio license plates “EAB 8490.” Farrell was also reportedly towing a trailer with an 18-foot Starcraft fishing boat on it.

According to Farrell’s granddaughter, Jessica Miller, also of Scioto County, Farrell typically wears a baseball cap, blue jeans and a button-up shirt.

Farrell was set to meet with his brother, Clarance Ferrell, to go fishing at Caesar Creek Lake. Miller said Clarance saw John drive past.

“His brother was mowing the grass when grandpa went past,” she said. “I don’t understand why grandpa just kept going past and didn’t stop. He waved at papa, and papa waved back and just kept on going like he didn’t even know who he was.”

Miller said Farrell had been confirmed via video footage at a gas station in Sparta, Kentucky, at 5 a.m., Wednesday morning, where he reportedly received directions back to Ohio from a truck driver. Farrell was still missing as of press time Wednesday.

Miller said her grandfather has a hard time seeing at night. “When it gets dark, he really doesn’t know his way around,” she said. “He forgets where he’s going, makes wrong turns, stuff like that.”

Miller described Farrell as a “very social person.”

“He’s never met a stranger in his life,” she said. “That’s what’s scaring me to death, because he’s very vulnerable and gullible.” Farrell was also described as a “very active” person: “He still goes hunting, fishing, all that,” Miller said. “[He’s] not a normal 87-year-old man.”

Anyone with information about Farrell or his vehicle should contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 937-376-5111.

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