This is our Chance to Be Who We Say We Are, Greene County!

On March 17th, we have the opportunity to make a difference on the collective National Mass Incarceration issue, with action locally. Let’s turn the tide on how new changes are made impacting the lives of people struggling in the cracks of Greene county’s crumbling jail system by improving function, not Giant jails with Giant costs. $72, 000,000 has a lot of zeros behind it-remember that! We Can Do Better by Voting NO on Greene County Issue 12. We want our taxes spent wisely for effective plans that improve community morale & eliminate the unnecessarily costly housing of low-level offenses:

1) Eliminate being held in jail “pretrial” (such as minor violations) while awaiting trial. Unnecessary Pretrial Jailing needs to end.

2) Eliminate the “Cash Bail” system to reduce people jailed taking space needed to handle more serious crimes. Serious crimes won’t get bailed out. Period.

3) Support effective Mental Health programming to eliminate the roots of substance abuse causes and get people back to functioning well in their families and communities.

Include only the Critical Numbers of serious offenses to be held in jail, to make counts reflect our needs more accurately.

All those who are currently incarcerated in our jails are not violent/serious criminals. Let’s spend Tax Dollars wisely to address the roots of low-level offenses to build & uplift our community instead of burdening ourselves with unnecessary Giant costs.

Build Big Community. Not Big jails.

Questions? Email: [email protected]

Sandy King

Springfield, OH