Writer supports Issue 9

I worry about a society that doesn’t value the impact of teachers on their students. Young people are the future. Their teachers play a key role in shaping their general knowledge, thought process, and work ethic. Bellbrook-Sugarcreek teachers are AMAZING! I have seen first hand that they are not only extremely knowledgeable about their subject area, but they care deeply about these students who they are helping to mold and shape into successful, positive contributors to our society. What an important task! We, as parents, want nothing more than the best for our kids! We should want nothing but the best for the future generations of Bellbrook. This will only happen if we continue to support these teachers and the programs that challenge and equip their students. A community must put their money where their heart is. As stated in the DDN article on February 3rd, Bellbrook teachers are paid under their peer average in almost every category, and teachers in general are underpaid for the value they bring to our society! Are we willing to invest in this next generation and give them the opportunities and experiences they need to be challenged and to grow. Vote YES on Issue 9.

Shari Vine