Get involved: Share your thoughts

Lately there have been questions from readers about the cartoons/content on the opinion page. We have decided it is important to share the challenges we have as a newspaper today. In addition we feel there is an opportunity to remind readers to get more involved.

The days of large newspaper staffs are over. We have five people covering all of Greene County — producing two dailies and one weekly newspaper. Unfortunately, having specific staff mull over an opinion page is a luxury. We have too many events, games and meetings that need our attention first and foremost.

As for cartoons, we are at the mercy of one of the only regular services in the nation with three to five cartoonists drawing daily. In fact, most newspapers including nearby metros run the same cartoons. Keep in mind the goal of a cartoonist is to make you think, while sometimes making you laugh.

We have and always will encourage you to write about what you see. Share your thoughts. Give the alternative thoughts. That’s how an opinion page is designed.

Our goal has and always will be local content first. We thrive on what is provided to us locally. And thank you goes out to all of the public officials, coaches, residents and organizations that provide photos and information to us regularly. We couldn’t do it without you!

Therefore local columns take priority on the opinion page. Some of those regular columnists that appear on our opinion page include: Bill Taylor on Tuesdays, Gery Deer on Wednesdays, Joan Baxter on Fridays, Mel Grossman and Dean Gordin three or four times a month when available and Jim Bucher on Saturdays once a month.

Other good columnists from the right we can pull regularly include Sen. Rob Portman, Cal Thomas and Lee Hamilton. Again, these are as they are available.

Our company subscribes to the Associated Press for national and state content and photos — there are a few writers that provide columns to the AP regularly. Unfortunately, not enough columnists with views on the right are available regularly. When they are, we put them in the newspaper.

We ask, and ask, and ask again that people write letters to the editor; shareing their political thoughts, things they like or don’t like about the columns on our opinion page. It’s your paper if you want it to be — let’s hear your voices all year long, not just at election time.

The purpose of an opinion page is to make you think. Create a dialogue about issues and things that affect us. Our response to readers is “write something … share your thoughts.” If you are a writer, public official, part of an organization and would like to share your thoughts regularly, we suggest you propose one to us. We welcome that possibility.

Please don’t forget to tell us in advance about an event, fundraiser, award, promotion of a local worker or something important coming up — this helps us plan and give you local coverage you want and deserve. Don’t assume we know — we need to hear from you!

Get involved: Share your thoughts