It’s no joke, life’s a puff of smoke.

By Charlie Huff

Why do I say that life is just a puff of smoke? The Bible says that life is like a vapor. We are here for a little while and then we are gone. A vapor or a puff of smoke disappears quickly into nowhere, but we are going somewhere and we better know where.

How in the world can someone say that there is no God? We were created by God and then turn around and say God isn’t there. I guess there’s no use fighting about it, because someone will always dispute what I say. I don’t have to say anything, I’ll just point you to Jesus and His words.

So many have left here in the past two years, including my dear wife. I know that she is with the Lord because she loved Jesus and lived for Him. When she was on her deathbed, she was talking with Him and she knew she was leaving soon. She told me a thousand times, “I love you, Charlie. Thank you, Charlie. Kiss me, Sweetheart.” When I would take her meals to her, she would sing, “Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.” I have peace in my heart knowing that she was praising the Lord as she slipped from me into the arms of Jesus. It’s so important to be ready.

People say they have plenty of time to get saved and to get ready for Heaven. No matter if you are a hundred years old or a few days old, we are all leaving here some day and death has no age limits. My four-month-old sister died while my aging grandmother held her. Now they are both in Heaven together. Every day we see someone among our friends, family, or co-workers slip into eternity. So many have ignored the Word of God and go into eternity without Jesus.

God didn’t create us as puppets. He gave us the free will to choose good or evil. I say these things because I believe our time is running out and today is the day of salvation. You may think that you have lots of time to make up your mind and choose God, but remember that life is like a puff of smoke.

This is a dark world and I am supposed to be a light to turn the darkness away. Turn on a light switch and the darkness disappears. Jesus the Light of the World wants me to be a light and to let that light shine wherever I can. That’s why I write these letters—to be a light for Jesus that dispels the darkness.

There is a battle going on between the forces of good and evil. Sin or evil came into the world through the fall of Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden. Things got worse when Cain killed his brother Abel. Evil continues to spread like wildfire. Nobody knows how and when it will all end, but God has a plan and soon it will all be over like a puff of smoke.

Man is hard-headed and often hard-hearted. I was going to say man is stupid, but that sounds awful. But however we say it, it is a terrible thing to rebel against a God who will do just what He says He will do. Our God is full of love and grace, but He is just and holy and must keep His word. Are you ready to meet Him?

Every night I thank the Lord that my old heart has been beating for another day. When it stops, I’ll be out of here, but I’ll be in the hands of Jesus! Remember life is brief—like a puff of smoke—so read the instruction Book and get ready. I want to see you in Heaven.

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.