When I die, that’s when I live!

By Charlie Huff

Do you know that we are living in the “end times”? Do you know what the “end times” means?

I am a Christian and I live for Jesus Christ. The Bible says that this world is dark and going to Hell. Only those who live for Jesus Christ will be saved. God is the Creator of all, and in His Holy Word He tells us about the way we should live. We are seeing the “end times” right now and we better find out the truth of God’s Word.

I say, “When I die, that’s when I live.” Since I am living for Jesus, when I leave here, I’ll live forever with Him. That’s why I don’t worry about death. Jesus took the keys of death from satan, and made it possible for me to live in heaven forever.

I look around and see that people are not paying any attention to the Word of God. People are living like hell on earth because they don’t believe the Bible. Well, the Bible is the truth of a holy God that created us and doesn’t want us to go to hell. Jesus came down to live with mankind; He suffered and died to save our souls. He did it because of love. I am a new creature in Christ! I am not perfect, but one day I will be if I keep living for Jesus.

The world is getting worse all the time, but Jesus is going to put an end to all evil. The devil is trying to get as many people as he can to go with him to hell. That is his job because he is evil, but guess what? His time is almost up! And time is almost up for this whole world. Jesus is on His way back here. When He left this earth after His resurrection, He said, “I’ll be back to take my people home.” So, where is your home? Are you preparing to live in Heaven or the other place?

I’m learning more and more each day about God’s instructions for eternal life with Him. Life is hard, but I have read the whole story and in the end, I win! Each day I try to overcome the wiles of the devil with his schemes and lies. If you obey and trust Jesus, you can overcome the evil of this world and live a life of victory. The devil is determined to get you and me; he’ll do everything to take us with him. There is a battle between good and evil, between Christ and satan, but the devil loses! Why follow a loser?

Heaven or Hell will be forever and it’s our choice. If you follow the enemy, you’ll pay forever and it won’t be a picnic. People think it’s okay to spit in the face of a holy God, but believe what I say: Every knee is going to bow before Jesus. Why not follow Him now and be safe; tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Don’t listen to the evil of this world. If more people would obey God the Creator, it would be a beautiful world.

God said that man is evil and has been that way since the Fall of Adam and Eve. He even said at one time that He was sorry He ever created man. But I’m so glad He started over after the Flood. All 66 books of the Bible point to Jesus coming to earth to save us. Now if you don’t believe the Bible, there is nothing else for you but the wrath to come.

Please find your way to Jesus and walk with Him all the way to Heaven. It may not be easy to follow the Lord, but you’ll be the winner. Get your eyes off of this world and seek the Kingdom of God. Don’t wait! Tomorrow may not come down here, but you can bet your bottom dollar—it will come. Get ready for Heaven!


By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.

Charlie Huff is a local resident and guest columnist.