Strategic planning continues at WSU

FAIRBORN — The Wright State University community can help create the strategic plan by participating in mini-summit sessions this summer.

During this phase of the strategic planning process, volunteers will create goals and objectives, establish priorities for strategic initiatives and identify the milestones, resources and factors of success.

“We want as many people as possible to be part of the process to collectively generate a shared strategic plan,” said David Bright, co-chair of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

All sessions will be held from 8:30-11:30 a.m. in the first-floor gallery space at 2455 Presidential Way on the following dates:

May 18: Session 1: Establish Working Groups

June 1: Session 2: Develop Goals and Objectives

June 22: Session 3: Develop Lists of Actions

July 13: Summit 4: Evaluate and Prioritize Actions

August 3: Summit 5: Identify Metrics, Resources, and Milestones

August 31: Summit 6: Assemble the Strategic Plan

RSVP through the strategic planning website.

Community members do not need to attend every session to be part of the process. Supervisors and managers are encouraged to provide employees with the time to attend mini-summit sessions as business conditions allow.

Attendees will be invited to join a project group focusing on one of 15 strategic initiatives that address many areas at Wright State, including collaborative delivery of services; research, innovation, and entrepreneurship; strategic relationships and partnerships; teaching, learning, and programming; and the Wright State experience.

During the first phase of the planning process, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee also created draft values, mission, and vision statements. Faculty, staff, students and community partners are invited to provide feedback on these draft statements.

Through the strategic planning process, the university is creating an ongoing dialogue that encourages continuous reflection and revision of the community’s hopes and priorities. The planning process is designed to help faculty, staff and students engage and reconnect with others across the university and with partners in the broader community in meaningful ways. Over time, this process will help the Wright State community shape both its culture and future.

The new strategic plan will guide Wright State University by creating a vision and focus that directly aligns resources with the community’s values, strengths and the strategy built around them. The planning process will put the institution in a position to thrive in higher education’s changing environment, help the university achieve financial sustainability, and foster a campus atmosphere that provides graduates with opportunities to excel in fields that define the future.