New facility to encourage economic growth

By Brian Evans - For the Herald

FAIRBORN – The city of Fairborn wants your business.

And, city officials said, they want you to start your business there.

In an effort to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the community, city officials are partnering with Wright State University and Greene County to offer a facility favorable to the spirit of entrepreneurism in the community.

“We are working on a couple things,” said Fairborn City Manager Rob Anderson. “First we are setting up a co-working facility in cooperation with Wright State University and Greene County.”

Anderson said it will be a low-cost work space where entrepreneurs can work with each other alongside business leaders and city officials to help them plan, finance and launch new businesses in Fairborn.

“We are going to have support services for them,” Anderson said. “When they’re ready to create— we have space available.”

By as early as May, Anderson said, city officials hope to have the site up and running. The facility is located at 3040 Presidential Drive.

“It’s a multi-tenant building,” Anderson said. “We are taking 6,000-square-feet, calling it ‘Nucleus Fairborn.’”

Anderson said since “Nucleus Fairborn” is in partnership with WSU and Greene County, the university is giving the city a couple years to get it off the ground.

“Any revenue we get goes toward our expenses,” Anderson said. “This is going to help us get started. It’s going to start slow and add members over time and hopefully in two years we have enough revenue to offset the cost and grow.”

The project will be one of Anderson’s first headliners as city manager.

As the city’s former economic development director, he said Tuesday he will be working this week to fill that now-vacated position. His replacement will play a vital role in the project.

“We need to be there (at Nucleus Fairborn) to help entrepreneurs with their needs,” Anderson said. “We will have a presence there, but we are still figuring that out.”

When asked why a local business looking to launch itself would choose Fairborn, Anderson replied: “Why Fairborn? “We’ve created an environment where entrepreneurs can be successful. We have resources. We can help with a plan – and thinking through the pitfalls and challenges of starting a business. We have the resources to help you work through those sort of things.”

In other words, Anderson said, Fairborn is “the place to be.”

By Brian Evans

For the Herald

Brian Evans is a freelance writer for Greene County News. Email him at [email protected]

Brian Evans is a freelance writer for Greene County News. Email him at [email protected]