4 Paws dog training tips

By Karen Shirk

XENIA — Think about this … you are always teaching your dog something. Everything you do is a learning experience for your dog.

If your dog knows sit and you ask him 4 times to sit and then walk away, your dog learns it is okay to not listen to you.

If your dog barks and you give them a treat to get them to quiet down, your dog know knows what to do to get a treat. I bark, I get treats! Even things you might do accidently.

I hear about people saying their dogs steal off the counter. You leave a sandwich where the dog can grab it and they do. It doesn’t matter what you say to your dog at this point, the dog has already been rewarded by eating the sandwich!

If you make your dog sit before putting their food bowl down you are teaching your dog to respect you and to work for their paycheck.

Whenever you are around your dog, in everything you do think to yourself “what am I teaching my dog with this action?” What did you teach your dog?

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By Karen Shirk

Karen Shirk is the CEO of 4 Paws for Ability and guest columnist.

Karen Shirk is the CEO of 4 Paws for Ability and guest columnist.