Letters to the Editor


Fairborn schools worthy of support


As a former teacher at Fairborn Primary School, I can tell you first hand of the pressing need for a new school building there. Cracks in the building caused the infestation of mice and cockroaches. (Code Mickey was heard frequently over the intercom whenever a mouse was caught in a glue trap.)

There were major problems with the infrastructure as well. To name a few, flooding in the south hallway leading to the gymnasium was always an adventure for my class of 25 plus children to navigate.

The conditions of the restrooms was of greater concern. On a continual basis, many of the urinals in the boys’ restroom were nonfunctioning, causing long wait times, (and lost class time), especially when other classes arrived to use the same restroom. The drinking fountains, on a hot day, were frequently inoperative, due to aging parts.

My main concern is that if we don’t pass this bond now, Fairborn City Schools won’t receive the state’s share of the monies, $23, 452,778 or 40 percent of the total cost for two new schools. Tragically, our school district would then be placed on the bottom of the list of Ohio school districts (613), before Fairborn City Schools would again qualify for the state funds. This is not likely to occur again in my lifetime.

I urge you to vote positively on Nov. 8 for our students of Fairborn. Let’s keep our youngest children safe and secure.

— Bill Doorley, Fairborn

Issue 22 important for residents


Issue 22 is a 2016 levy renewal for Greene County residents to benefit from the many services Greene Memorial Hospital offers for cancer treatment, stroke and cardiac care, satellite health facilities in Beavercreek, Fairborn, Cedarville, and Yellow Springs and emergency room equipment with no increase in taxes.

Having worked at Greene Memorial’s emergency department for 26 years, I have seen the benefit of these tax funds in keeping our emergency department up to date with the necessary equipment to maintain our Level 3 Trauma status.

I have benefitted from care by our high-quality doctors and nurses and physical therapists during recent surgeries, especially knee replacement. My care, both pre- and post-surgery, was excellent, as I received ongoing physical rehabililtation from the physical therapy department.

I have much to thank Greene Memorial Hospital for all the care I have received. I am sure there are many other county residents who feel the need to continue to maintain these current services and keep them up to date.

Please vote for Issue 22 to continue to help meet the need for quality local health care here in Greene County at Greene Memorial Hospital with no tax increase.

— Jane Langan, Xenia

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