Fairborn preparing for presidential debate


FAIRBORN — The Commission on Presidential Debates announced in September last year that Wright State University would host the first of the presidential debates just before the election takes place, which set the stage for Fairborn city leaders to take on a handful of projects this year in an effort to present the community in its best light.

Although these projects are aimed to benefit Fairborn beyond the presidential debate.

Council approved funds during the fall months for detailed construction drawings for the Colonel Glenn Highway project, which will include improving the area’s aesthetics, creating a more pedestrian-friendly scene and enhancing the corridor.

“We’re going to build it in stages if we have to, if we don’t get all the money, so we can understand what we can build that will have the most impact and the most beautification efforts,” City Manager Deborah McDonnell said in a previous interview.

City leaders aimed to prepare the area to be as shovel-ready as possible, leading them to create design drawings before bidding for the project started. It is aimed to wrap-up before the event takes place.

The City of Fairborn will host a neighborhood cleanup day in late spring, and city leaders are hopeful to conduct another as the debate approaches. As part of its new refuse contract, the city negotiated to have Waste Management develop an anti-litter campaign and have it participate in those upcoming cleanup events.

“[Fairborn is] unique in that we have a true downtown. For folks who want that traditional feel, we have that. We have a university, so for folks who want a university district or feel, we have that in another part of the city. Of course the military component is huge,” Community Development Director Mike Gebheart said.

Phase three of the Downtown Streetscape project is set to begin this month and is aimed to wrap up by the summer season. Phase three will compliment projects completed during phases one and two, giving the downtown area a fresh, new look and creating a more user-friendly environment.

Main Street from Pleasant Avenue to Dayton Drive will be resurfaced and the roadway at Dayton Drive will be realigned. Drainage is expected to be improved upon the completion of this project.


File photo The Downtown Streetscape project is aimed to wrap up in the summer months.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2016/03/web1_IMG_0926.jpgFile photo The Downtown Streetscape project is aimed to wrap up in the summer months.

By Whitney Vickers

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