YSAC to present ‘Locked In: Team 2”


Greene County News Report

YELLOW SPRINGS — The Yellow Springs Arts Council presented “Locked In: A Creative Collaboration; Three Artists; Three Days Locked In to Create an Art Installation; Three Art Tools Each; Three Boxes of Unknown Stuff to Work From; One Videographer Filming It All” last year, and the organization is excited to present it again with a new team.

The visual artists are Nathaniel Foley, Jesse Thayer and Brandon Lowery. The council said the individuals applied as a team for its first “Locked In” and blew them away. However, Foley, Thayer and Lowery wanted three other artists to join. The council decided on its first team, but didn’t want to lose the opportunity to see what the team consisting of Foley, Thayer and Lowery could do with the challenge. So in September 2014, “Locked In Team two” was put on the YSAC 2015 schedule. The artists have been waiting for more than a year and the YSAC said they are very excited.

The fourth part of this team is the Springfield Camera Artist Rod Hatfield who, in addition to photography, shoots live video installation work.

The artists will arrive 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 9. For the first time, they get to see what they are going to be creating with. Throughout October, community members have been dropping off “stuff” at the gallery for the artists to use in their installation. The three boxes are overflowing and piles of interesting “stuff” are stacked next to them. The windows in the gallery will be covered in paper with a few peek holes. The YSAC said people peeked inside last year and individuals are welcome to do it again this year. The artists will be living camping style in the back of the multi arts room. In that space, the windows will be completely covered with no peek holes. Meals will be delivered to them by community members.

They’ll return home Thursday morning after three days of nonstop creating, no showers or baths and sleeping sporadically under tables. Friday night, the artists return for the reception. The YSAC open the doors and invite everyone in to see what they have created during which, 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13

Greene County News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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