I’m no stranger to being naughty


I’ve noticed lately that there aren’t very many positive stories in the newspapers any more

People who shoot each other make lots of headlines these days.

The same goes for arsonists, lousy drivers, con artists, men and women who are involved in brawls, people who try their best to outsmart the IRS, kidnappers and burglars.

Negative is definitely “in” these days when it comes to the media.

Little or no publicity is afforded those who do nice things for their neighbors like give a few extra candy bars to trick-or-treaters or mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn without expecting some kind of monetary reward.

I think there should be more publicity for nice guys and gals and dimmer spotlights for con artists and what-have-you.

What happened to the days when good guys and gals found themselves in the spotlights?

When I was a bad boy my mom and/or dad spanked me.

Or sometimes they sent me to my room for something like 11 years.

My parents had plenty of ways that let me know I had been a bad boy.

When I was real young and misbehaved my parents made me go sit in the corner for something like 11 years.

Lots of people say naughty (my mother’s word) things.

If I did my parents threatened me with washing my mouth out with soap.

At the very least they would make me go to bed early or force me to give up TV for something like 11 years.

My parents sometimes used naughty words.

If I ever used naughty words the punishment was BIG-TIME punishment.

My parents gained a new weapon to use against me when television came along.

We had a neat TV even though it had a tiny little round screen but it was always off limits to me after I did something bad but I could still sneak listening to my teeny-tiny little battery-operated portable radio.

If I was punished for being bad I could always sneak my little battery-operated portable radio into bed with me, slide it under my pillow and listen to my favorite programs into the wee hours of the morning.

Senior Moments

By Bob Batz

Senior Moments

Bob Batz is a retired long-time area journalist and guest columnists. Contact Bob at [email protected].

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