Teachers name fourth, fifth grade stars


Herald News Report

FAIRBORN – Fairborn Intermediate School fourth and fifth grade teachers recently named star students. They are as follows:

Fourth grade includes Rose Sizemore and Ben Roberts, named by Mr. Balogh; Ava Williams and Laura Vance, named by Ms. Brawley; Brooklyn Little and Thomas Hart, named by Mr. Bullard; Lia Johnson and Xavier McDougle, named by Mr. Cornwell; Cassidy Dempsey and Will Sawyer, named by Ms. Fultz; Landyn Wilson and Alivia Hardman, named by Ms. Hilty; Katie Turner and Sylvia Anderson, named by Ms. Jones; Maleia Owens and Brian Crackel, named by Mr. Lairson; Jessica Cleaves and Aiden Billingsley, named by Ms. Lamb; Cloe Talbott and Decdon Holland, named by Ms. A. Osborne and Mr. Steck; Dez Mata and Aydn Walden, named by Ms. T. Osborne and Ms. Worthington; Zach Van Meter and Ella Krall, named by Ms. Shanks; Madi Lindsay and Logan Newman, named by Ms. Sullivanl Kiera Day and Kaeden Stinson, named by Ms. VanHoose; Jerrie Seaman and Dylan Medley, named by Ms. Waldo and Ms. Grippa.

Fifth grade includes Zachary Ditty and Alysia Webb, named by Ms. Bair; Katie Weekley and Eithan Sorrells, named by Ms. Celock; Jazmon Keith-Norris, named by Ms. Coffey; Kern Jackson and Alayna Bergeron, named by Ms. Davenport; Austin Quinn and Sadie Fleming, named by Ms. Fitch; Julia Stultz and Cameron Uptegraft, named by Ms. Henry; Caleb Gibbs and Kalleigh Munoz, named by Ms. McNeir; Mack Richardson and Michael Keeton, named by Ms. Minoughan; Karen Jenkins and Tate Young, named by Ms. Muhlenkamp and Ms. Higgins; Connor Johnson and Rylee Hensley, named by Ms. Pinnix and Ms. VanDeursen; Gabriel Hardin, named by Ms. Ransom; Jordon Johnson and Lillian Osborn, named by Ms. Ross and Ms. Stiffler; Noah Combs and Jazmyn Moton, named by Ms. Schuler; Nikka Neff and Garrett Shuttleworth, named by Ms. Spiegel; Abigail Arnett and Gabe Perez, named by Ms. Stephens; Mackenzie Cartwright and Kendal Fahl, named by Ms. Yeary.

Herald News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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