The November election is less than a month away and campaigning is in full swing. Signs are popping up all over the county as residents show support for their favorite candidates.

There is nothing wrong with backing someone running for office. However, it seems things are already turning ugly.

In Xenia, a sign supporting City Council President Mike Engle’s re-election was found torn in half.

Please be civil and don’t destroy other folks property. Signs are the property of that candidate.

We only hope it doesn’t get worse. It has the potential to already due to social media these days.

On Facebook there is a page dedicated to the re-election of two candidates. In the description of the page, the administrator says, “This is a “POSITIVE” page with information and backing (candidates)! Any negative posts or people, will be removed immediately.”

There are three posts attacking Xenia council candidate Dr. Edgar Wallace, a pastor who had a misdemeanor drug conviction and served jail time more than 30 years ago. Dr. Wallace has spoken candidly about his past. Another post begins name calling. This is considered “positive?”

We urge residents and candidates to grow up, stick to the issues and leave the personal attacks out of it.

Candidates should be elected based on what they can bring to a particular elected body, not based on who can sling the most mud.

During the latest Meet the Candidates Night in Fairborn, hosted by the Greene County Tea Party and moderated by the Dayton League of Women Voters, candidates took the mic spoke their piece in regards to who they are and how their experiences can go on to be beneficial to the city, school district and township. Not once did candidates attack running mates. However, we are receiving phone calls in relation to the event saying the moderator may be partial against the current school board.

And how should a candidate react if their name is being dragged through the mud? Should they risk votes by asking those being disrespectful to stop? Absolutely. As long as they keep in mind that two wrongs don’t make a right.

It’s also fine to question the opposition’s platform, but it’s not OK to push the candidate off of it. Be respectful as we get through the next four weeks.

Positive politics please

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