Doctors, nurses and God


God is all-knowing, and He created us in His image. Therefore, we have access to the all-knowing knowledge of the Holy God of the world. He created us because He wanted someone to praise Him and to enjoy all good things and to enjoy Him.

We sinned against Him at the fall in the garden of Eden. But because of His love, He madeawayforustogetbacktoHim. Jesuscametomakeawayforus,andamI glad.

People don’t understand the plan God had. It was hard for Jesus to go to that cross. He suffered a horrible death. He was man and God. He suffered because He wanted us to know how much He loved us and that tells us how bad sin really is.

Now back to the title of my letter about doctors and nurses. In our sin, we have a lot of heartaches and pain, and all kinds of things that go wrong with our bodies. I can thank the doctors and nurses for myself also, because over the years they have helped me. They have to go through a lot of heavy schooling to do what they do. What makes it so good is that the most of them care for people. I thank God for them.

Now don’t misunderstand me, when I say most, because I know people in every type of job, that do it for money. I have talked to a lot of doctors that a said that they couldn’t do anything else for the patient, and God healed them.

I should have titled my letter “God, Doctors, and Nurses”. Without God, none of us could make it through life. He put the knowledge and wisdom in doctors and nurses to help us live as long as we can.

Now, I know all of us have a number that we will end up with. Some live a long time being sick and after sickness, thank God for the ones that are dedicated and go the extra mile to help us.

When I was in two hospitals, I almost didn’t make it. God had big plans for me. Sometimes people say how in the world did they survive that sickness. Well, it was not time to go yet. God is in control, and the ones that don’t believe that had better wake up.

I thank God because I was helped by a lot of good people when I was in the hospitals. More and more people are living much longer. Can you believe years ago, people used to die from small illnesses and now there is a cure for most. Every year that goes by, God lets people find out ways of prolonging life. What a good God! When people care, it makes God very well-pleased.

I wonder sometimes how in the world this body of mine can hold so much care and love for others. I write lots of letters, and only because I care for the souls of others. God

has a plan for us all and mine is to tell as many people that I can about eternal salvation. The end is near, and I just want to say it over and over and over until the Word gets down into everyone’s heart.

God doesn’t want anyone to go any other place but heaven, and I don’t want it either. That is why He has lots of people that He calls His children, and if we are, we’ll tell someone about His love. I read every day about so many leaving here not knowing or believing where they’ll be in eternity.

I’ll keep on writing, and telling, and singing heavenly songs, until I leave and for that reason, I’m in no hurry. If you knew my life, you would know why I write what I do. It’s for you that I care. I know that I’m secure in Jesus; therefore I keep thinking of others until they get the message.

I had good care when I was in the hospitals. I’m getting good care now, and so is my wife. She is under doctor’s and nurse’s care right now, and they are fantastic. I thank God for them.

Thank your dear heavenly Father for all the ones that give to no end to help someone else. Thank you, Father, for seeing me through all that I’ve been through. As long as I’m alive, dear Father, I’ll pray for others, that you’ll be with them in their sickness and troubles.

May they seek you, Father, and they’ll have eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you also for all the ones that care for others and go through a lot just to make someone comfortable. God bless all who read this letter and find Jesus, if you don’t know Him.

Charlie Huff Xenia, OH

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and guest religious columnist.

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