It’s a funny world


It’s a funny world we live in.

After 75-plus years on this wildly spinning planet I call home I’m recalling things I never bothered to remember before.

Last week I discovered Little League Baseball was born in 1939.

I was born in 1939.

So, as it turns out, I am the same age as Little League Baseball give-or-take a few days or weeks or months.

I played sandlot baseball as a kid.

Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t exactly Babe Ruth when it came to playing the game.

Our field back then was a weed-infested and long-neglected chunk of landscape as were many of the fields kids played ball on during the 1940’s.

The year 1939 had some memorable moments.

Batman comic books hit the streets for the first time.

So did the first Food Stamps.

Baseball fans watched the New York Giants beat the Cincinnati Reds 17 to 3 and the Giants hit five home runs in the fourth inning.

Other 1939 milestones included the filming of the movie “Gone With the Wind,”, movie stars Spencer Tracy and Bette Davis won Academy Awards, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians made their first recording and Cleveland and Philadelphia played the American League’s first night baseball game.

Then, of course, 1939 was the year pilot Amelia Earhart disappeared and was declared dead and then there were the students at Harvard University who chose 1939 to demonstrate a new fad that involved swallowing a goldfish or two.

By Bob Batz

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Bob Batz is a retired journalist and area resident and guest columnist. Contact Bob at [email protected]

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