AAA says midwest pays higher gas prices


Greene County News Report

DAYTON – Earlier this week the largest distillation unit at the BP Whiting refinery in Indiana experienced an unexpected shutdown that caused significant gas price increases in the Miami Valley area, and across the Midwest. The shutdown pushed gas prices in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan into the highest price range in the country.

The average price for regular unleaded in the Miami Valley area is $2.97, that’s up 13 cents from yesterday and 42 cents from just one week ago. The average price of gas in Dayton is now more expensive than the National average which is $2.65 today.

Until the repairs can be completed at the BP Whiting refinery, drivers can expect the pain at the pump to continue. However the long-term outlook is brighter and several factors, including the end of the summer travel demand, the mid-September switch to winter blends of gas and the continued low price for crude should pressure the price back toward the $2 a gallon mark.

Although Ground Zero for the BP refinery problem is in the Great Lakes states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin, the problem has begun to radiate outwards from there and has increased gas prices in all neighboring states. As supplies get sucked into the Great Lakes region to meet demand there, supplies will grow tighter in surrounding areas driving up prices.

To learn the latest information about gas prices and to see prices at home and across the country visit AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. For those planning end of season summer vacations and long weekend getaways find out how much to budget for gas on your trip at AAA’s Fuel Cost Calculator – simply enter the destination city along with the make, model and year of your vehicle and let the calculator run the numbers for you using the most current gas prices available.

Greene County News Report compiled by Whitney Vickers.

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