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BEAVERCREEK – After a long career in the Air Force, Beavercreek donor David London co-founded Tridec Technologies, a software company in Huber Heights that he’s proud to say supports veterans and gives back to the community. It was with the same spirit of giving that he reached his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation Tuesday, July 21 at the Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC).

“I’ve been tracking this for a while,” David said of his milestone. “I’ve also been doing double reds.” David’s blood type is O-negative, “the universal donor,” so his donations of double red blood cells is especially important to CBC’s mission of helping save lives.

David recalled how his journey to his milestone donation began with a special call for help while he was just beginning his military career. “In college, at the Air Force Academy, they made an announcement, ‘Anyone with O-negative please report to the command post.’ There was a baby born in the hospital at the Academy that needed immediate transfusions. They were getting the blood and pumping it through.”

“I spent 20 years in the Air Force and I donated throughout my career,” he said. “I retired at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in ’98.”

David is a native of New Jersey but Ohio is his adopted home, where he has two children and two grandchildren. After retirement he recognized the business opportunity in providing business software for program and contract management, especially for the military.

“I’m one of the owners of Tridec Technologies,” he said. “We have our own software company that does work for the government. I started it with a couple of friends and we’re doing pretty well.”

It’s a company that enjoys being a good neighbor in Huber Heights. “We sponsor a picnic for police, fire and city workers,” he said. Tridec also notes on its website that it worked with the Wright State University Veterans and Military Center to host two picnics for veterans and their families at the company’s Spring Lake campus.

Beavercreek donor David London makes his 100th donation. donor David London makes his 100th donation.

Story courtesy of Community Blood Center.

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