The truth and life or death


The Bible is the word of God written by men that God inspired to write it down for us. I heard someone say the other day, “Is the Bible true, because it was written by men?” Wow, can you believe that? It was put into the heart of man to write down what God wants to tell us.

We have so many reasons to not believe the word of God. How do we think the Word is going to get into our hearts if God doesn’t find a way to get it to us? Why can’t we just believe what the Creator of the world has to say to us? We want to doubt the word of God so badly we find every excuse that we can to not believe God’s word.

Why? He said to seek Him, and He will reveal the truth to us. If you don’t want it, then you’ll pay for not believing. We live by faith, not by sight. God said it, who are we, the creation of God, to doubt His word?

Once I got saved, and I didn’t do anything to deserve heaven. Jesus paid it all, but we can’t believe that. If you are not following the cross of Calvary, I don’t know what to say to you. The Bible says not to lean on your own understanding. How much plainer does it have to be?

Only if we don’t believe, that doesn’t make sense to me. Hey, you don’t have to listen to me. I’m not the one you will face in the judgement. There is coming a judgement day, you better believe it. God wrote it down in His Holy Book. We have a free will to do as we please.

That’s the thing about our God. He didn’t make puppets on a string. We have our own free will to do it our way. God’s way leads to eternal life with Him, and our way leads to hell with satan.

Now, I’m not very smart, but I’m not stupid. God said heaven or hell, take your choice, up or down, how plain is that? I hear all the time, “Don’t force your religion on me.” Okay. But it’s not religion, it’s Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Believe it now or believe it later.

Wow, I can’t believe so many people want to take a chance on going to hell, when God put it in the Bible. The Bible is our instruction for life here, so we will know how to receive eternal life only through the blood of the cross.

The devil is the father of all lies. Why would we not want to know the truth and be set free and be on our way to a place called heaven? Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the Life.

If you won’t listen to the Bible, the food for the soul, I don’t expect you to believe me. But I’ll never shut up talking about it. There is a battle going on in the world between good and evil. Guess which one wins? Better read the Bible.

I know what Go said. He said that everyone that hears the good news of life in heaven won’t want it. God knows it all. He is the Creator, so I don’t have any problem believing it. Now that Jesus found me and will take me home some day.

Wow, the Truth will set you free. You will have trouble on earth, but your soul will go to the heaven that was created for us. We don’t know the time we’ll depart from here. If you are not ready, better do it now, because the Bible says tomorrow may not come.

I keep saying the Bible says, the Bible says, but so many don’t believe the Bible, so guess what? Case closed. I have found the truth, and I didn’t do it on my own. Jesus found me, and I’m going to follow Him all the days of my life. I’m heaven-bound. Come on get on board the heavenly ship. We are leaving for heaven soon. Good bye evil world!

I was made for heaven, better still, I was made to praise God—plain and simple.

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