Estate auctions tell all


1 Timothy 3:10 “You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance, persecutions, sufferings …”

What will people learn about you when you die? Those who don’t know you will make suppositions about who you were by what you leave behind. I have learned that estate auctions tell all.

Working for an auction company, we very often deal with estates. Someone will call our office to inform us of the death of a family member or friend and employ our services to come take care of the “stuff” they have left behind.

Depending on the situation our team will spend days, or even weeks, going through the deceased person’s home, organizing the items that will sell at auction, discarding the trash, and donating clothing and other such items to charities. It is truly amazing what you can learn about someone just by looking at their belongings.

There are some who collect all sorts of antiques and primitives. These people often had a love for history and discovering the stories behind the old-time memorabilia. Others were horse lovers, which we surmise by the old leather bridles, saddles, and equine paraphernalia that our staff dug out of their barns. Still others are coin or stamp collectors, cake decorators, seamstresses, or artists. Many were very particular about their belongings while others left their stuff scattered around and in disrepair. Whatever the case, what is left behind is very telling.

Paul, in writing one of his final letters to his spiritual son, Timothy, reminded him that he knew all about Paul’s teachings, his way of life, and his purpose. When Paul died there wasn’t much in way of possessions to be found. He didn’t put much stock in “things” because he knew that his real home was not here on earth but in heaven with the Lord. He spent his life as an itinerant missionary telling others about Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

What Paul left behind were at least thirteen God-inspired letters explaining spiritual matters to all who came after him. He left behind a testimony of faith that endured great suffering. He left behind encouragement that in the midst of trials God will deliver. He left behind the message of salvation from sin through the Lord Jesus Christ for all who would believe. All of what was left shows what kind of man he was and what he lived for.

Upon arriving home from today’s estate auction I looked around our house and wondered what people will find when they come to pack up my stuff. I glanced over the stacks of books by my nightstand and stopped to dust some of the china teacups in the cabinet. These are two of the things they would find, but what would be the auction-goers final suppositions about my life?

What will people find out about you when you die? It will be evident – because estate auctions tell all! — Love Mama

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