K9 Karson children’s book announced


“K9 Karson Comes Home” will be released September 15 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

WILMINGTON — K9 Karson’s story will be made into a children’s book, the dog’s handler, Wilmington Police Department Officer Jerry Popp announced Monday.

“K9 Karson Comes Home” will be released Sept. 15 and will provide a retelling of the story of the police dog’s escape from an animal care clinic in December, the Belgian Mallinois’ survival during the two-month search and the dog’s eventual reunion with Popp in February.

“It’s a children’s book that’s been condensed down to 32 pages that starts from when he escaped, he was out looking for me and then had to basically go into survival mode and how he survived, which is basically kind of a mystery,” Popp said. “I wish it all could have happened in 30 pages in real life instead of two months.”

According to Popp, the 32-page, full-color book will contain pictures, a map and details of Karson’s 200-mile trek during the winter months.

“There’s so much interest, not just for the kids, but just so much interest in the story,” Popp said. “With all the negative aspects of law enforcement that we see – it seems to be on a daily basis anymore – we’re just trying to bring to light the good that police and communities can put forward together as a group….”

During the search for Karson, local volunteer search efforts extended throughout Clinton and Greene counties as Karson’s story spread both nationally and globally.

The book, written by Abbie Beam and published by Orange Frazer Press in Wilmington, is available for pre-order on Amazon at amazon.com/Karson-Comes-Home-Abbie-Beam/dp/1939710324.

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