Vectren continuing pipe replacement program

FAIRBORN — Contract crews working for Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company, have begun replacing gas mains and service lines in Fairborn as part of the company’s pipeline replacement program.

In Fairborn, nearly $600,000 will go toward retiring more than a half mile of gas main and nearly 40 service lines in 2020. Since 2009, more than 12 miles have been retired within the city. Vectren intends to retire a total of nearly 20 miles in Fairborn through the end of the pipeline replacement program.

Streets that will be impacted during the project include: Powell Avenue, Frahn Avenue, Pearl Street, S. Maple Avenue, Kauffman Avenue and South Street. Visit to view an interactive map displaying all streets in Fairborn where construction will take place in 2020.

“In 2020, we continue another year of our pipeline replacement program, modernizing our infrastructure and replacing essentially all of our bare steel and cast-iron pipeline throughout our Ohio territory,” said Richard Leger, Vectren vice president of Natural Gas Distribution for Indiana and Ohio. “Focused on continuing to meet federal requirements, Vectren remains committed to strengthening our system to ensure continued reliability and safe delivery of natural gas service to our customers for decades to come.”

Vectren reports that the company’s pipeline replacement program is a multi-year program intended to replace about 700 miles of bare steel and cast-iron pipeline infrastructure throughout Ohio.

In most cases, a polyethylene (plastic) system is being installed to replace the current bare steel and cast-iron gas pipeline system. First, the gas main will be replaced within the right-of-way, and then the service lines running directly to homes and businesses will be replaced. Upon completion of the project, affected yards, sidewalks and streets will be restored.

“Construction for these pipeline projects may take several weeks to complete, and times may vary based on the size of the project, weather, ground surface/soil and other situations that may arise,” said Leger. “Please be assured that Vectren and its contractors will make every effort to complete each project as quickly as possible and minimize impact to customers and the community.”

Prior to service replacement, a Vectren representative will contact customers to provide an overview of the required work. Vectren reminds Fairborn residents to keep the following information in mind:

– Exercise caution when driving through the construction zones.

– Vectren urges residents and their children to keep a safe distance away from any work zones.

Fairborn is one of more than 40 cities in Ohio undergoing this type of pipeline replacement. Since 2009, more than 430 miles have been retired in Ohio, which has led to a reduction in leak calls and natural gas emissions from the distribution system. For more information about Vectren’s gas infrastructure modernization program, visit