Council approves apartment extension

By Whitney Vickers - [email protected]

FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Council approved an extension of Redwood II residential subdivision that will bring additional apartments to the community and complete Exchange Court.

The apartments are located south of East Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, east of Commerce Center Boulevard and west of Trebein Road. It currently includes 12 acres and 68 units. With the extension, 36 more units will be added across seven acres in six buildings, bringing the total amount of apartments to 104 units on 19 acres of land upon completion.

“Currently, there’s a single road that extends off Commerce Center Boulevard,” Fairborn City Planner Kathleen Riggs said during her presentation to council. “This [addition] will then extend to Exchange Court. There will be three additional drives that lead to units off of the main drive that lead to Exchange Court.”

Deputy Mayor Marilyn McCauley and Council member Tim Steininger highlighted that completing Exchange Court will create more safety for the Fairborn Police and Fire Departments as there is currently one way to access the roadway. The addition will complete Exchange Court, creating more than one way to access the roadway. A sidewalk will also be added along the roadway.

There is currently a retention pond that sits on the property to accommodate storm water drainage. The plan for storm water drainage for the approved extension is to connect it to the existing storm water drainage system which will lead to the retention pond.

The apartments are one-story with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a two-car garage and driveway with covered and uncovered porches. There will be 22 visitor parking spaces added with the extension. Riggs said the developers plan to keep some of the existing mature trees and more trees will be planted in the future as well.

“I know these are very popular, they seem to be selling them faster than they can build them, so I think this is a good quality of life out there for those folks,” Fairborn Mayor Paul Keller said.

By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.