Be strong in these times of “sportlessness”

By John Bombatch - [email protected]



GREENE COUNTY — Hello sports fans. Gone crazy yet?

We’re getting close to a week without seeing live sporting events appear on our televisions. So far, I don’t think there’s been a spike in the number of TVs tossed through walls or out of windows. That’s a credit to each of you.

Stay firm in your resolve. Be strong.

Because this might be awhile.

Are you getting more items checked off your Honey Do list?

Did you find time to re-acquaint yourself with your family, maybe even learn their names?

Have you made any new discoveries without watching sports on the tube? (Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry are living in Canada now. Who knew?)

How has your lifestyle changed in a world without sports?


(No that wasn’t a sub-title for this column. That was me screaming.)

My daily work routine goes something like this:

First of all, let me explain that I work evenings. That’s when (or was when) all the daily sports events take place (or took … you get the idea). I’m not a lazy slob. I just work late into the evening.

1) Wake up at around noon.

2) Have “breakfast.”

3) Get all gussied up and head in to work.

4) Put a story budget together.

This is where I provide a workable listing of just what sports items I plan on running in that particular day’s newspaper. It usually involves me combing through the area high school league websites to verify their listings of scheduled games, finding games involving Greene County area teams, then determining what I’m covering on that particular day.

I also use the Associated Press’s wire service Sports Budget, which is a listing of national and state sports stories that they plan on providing for our use. I do my best to determine what AP items to use, second in priority to our local coverage items but based on locale (Ohio sports team coverage wins over any other area on or off the planet, for instance), relevance, and whatever the Deep State gods tell me to use to impose our will upon the people.

(See how silly that sounds?)

5) Go out and cover an event.

6) Do interviews.

7) Rush back to the newsroom and type myself into a frenzy until I’m whipped up into a deadline chasing spastic fit.

8) Go home, and try to sleep.

9) Repeat.

Today’s Routine:

1) Try and figure out what the %$^&* I’m gonna put into the Sports Section.

2) Pray that AP has something I can use.

3) Pray that AP has something that DOESN’T talk about a virus of any kind.

4) Implore all three of my readers to come up with things they’d like for me to include in the Sports Section.

5) Go home.

6) Pray a lot.

7) Repeat.


(Subhead, this time. Not screaming.)

Yeah, I know that Sports are some things that’re probably way down on the chart these days in terms of relevance. But for a lot of us, it’s a way of life.

So how are you doing out there?

Stay strong.

Dig out your best digital recordings of The Game, and enjoy them.

Maybe help a relative understand the intrinsic nuances of the Triangle-and-Two defense.

And if you dare, risk realigning the universe and wash that lucky jacket of yours. It’s starting to move on its own.

Whatever you do, stay strong in your faith to your favorite team. Even if its players might’ve forgotten exactly what playoffs are.

It might be awhile, but they’ll be back.

Our sports will be back, too.

And if you’re really bored, give me a call and tell me what you’d like to see on this sports page during this very odd time of sportslessnesss.

I’ll do what I can to keep each of you sports junkies cool, calm and (fairly) collected.

Hang in there. And stay strong.

Together, the four of us will get through this.


By John Bombatch

[email protected]

When he’s not crying on the newsroom floor like a big baby, John Bombatch can be reached at 937-372-4444, Ext. 2123.

When he’s not crying on the newsroom floor like a big baby, John Bombatch can be reached at 937-372-4444, Ext. 2123.