Partlow brings experience to WSU



FAIRBORN — Wright State University senior forward Imani Partlow transferred from Big East power Xavier. WSU could be “x marks the spot” for her as she enters her final season of women’s college basketball.

When she was a member of the Musketeers, Partlow was the go-to five (post) player, she says. However, she added that it will be an adjustment getting used to the fast offense WSU runs and the team’s different plays, but that her smaller size can offer an advantage.

“Because I’m a smaller big player in a sense, I have a faster step in the post, and I’ll be able to finesse, use up and unders and shimmy to get what I need out of the play,” Partlow said.

When discussing her choice to transfer to WSU, Partlow explained they had recruited her in the past and that it will be easier for her grandmother to attend games now. The demeanor of Raiders head coach Katrina Merriweather was another motivating factor.

“She (Merriweather) doesn’t yell, and that’s a big thing for me. Some former coaches were big yellers, and it would go in one ear and out the other,” Partlow said. “I prefer that you talk to me and not at me. She is very genuine, strong and stern about what she says and means.”

Having two former WSU players who played fairly recently in Abby Jump and Kim Demmings on the coaching staff, has been a benefit as well.

“She (Demmings) wants us to finish strong,” Partlow said. “Abby will tell me that ‘we have to get you in better shape,’ because this is a little faster than how Xavier was playing. She is trying to get through in the best way she can.”

Joining her new squad has led to a few nerves, according to Partlow. She is ready to overcome them though, she added.

“Sometimes I hesitate when I know that I’m right and may be wrong during certain moments in the game,” Partlow said. “It’s something that I’m going to have to shake off. Coach Tennille (Adams) and I have talked a lot about that.”

Partlow has nieces, nephews and cousins who are interested in playing on a similar stage as her one day, and she hopes to be a role model for them.

“I’m trying to get them to understand that it’s a job,” Partlow said. “I’d like to have the opportunity to give them all the information that I can from my experiences and guide them in some way.”

Despite her size, it would be no surprise to see Partlow come up big for the Raiders in the post this season.

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