Writer to vote yes on Issue 9

I will be voting YES on Issue 9, the operating levy for Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools. The district has already cut over $2 million from its budget and further cuts would be devasting to key programs in the district. Our tax burden is one of the lowest in the county – we also have no income tax – and our teacher and staff salaries are also in line or lower than other districts. We decided 5 years ago to move to this area so our daughter could attend outstanding schools in a “small town friendly” community. We found that community in Bellbrook, however the potential for further reductions are troubling. Our daughter loves both art and STEM – two subjects that feed her curiosity and a spirit of innovation. Both programs face cuts if the levy fails. Innovation has deep roots in the Dayton region, and our students and our community benefit from these programs and that spirit. Taking into consideration the benefit to our students and to our community in the long term, I’m willing to spend the extra forty dollars per month. It’s an investment our family is willing to make.

John Miller

Bellbrook, OH