Writer supports Protect Vulnerable Children Act

I recently had the honor of standing with Rep. Bill Dean at the State Capitol as he introduced the Protect Vulnerable Children Act (PVCA). This legislation will end unnecessary drugging and sex change operations on children until the age of 18. The law is needed to protect parental rights and children from serious, irreversible and oftentimes catastrophic mutilating surgeries.

In recent years the practice of sex changes on minors has skyrocketed. Many Children’s Hospitals, including Cincinnati Children’s now operate “Gender Clinics,” which provide a pathway for sex changes in children as young as 5. (https://cutt.ly/XrLHtet) Cincinnati Children’s also works with the local county “child protection agencies” to identify parents who do not want their children to have sex changes and use force of law to remove the child from the home. (https://cutt.ly/XLink1) Our local Greene County Court has also ruled in a custody case in support of sex changes on minors (https://cutt.ly/XLink2). Under the current law, if parents disagree with sex changes on their children, the government will take the child from the home and do it anyway.

Unfortunately, many of these children become permanently sterilized as a result of the procedures performed. The sex change professionals provide puberty blocking drugs to children which are prescribed off label and pose long term risks to health. (https://cutt.ly/XLink3) They also provide “binders” to teen girls to compress healthy breast tissue. These binders are not FDA approved and have been linked to respiratory problems and may have long term effects in the development of breast tissue.

In Oregon, children as young as 15 can have operations to remove breasts, construct non-functioning penises from arm tissue, fake vaginas from colon tissue and a host of other permanent procedures without parental consent. (https://cutt.ly/XLink4) The medical establishment wants to do the same to children in Ohio. They argue they know what is best for kids and describe their radical mutilating procedures as “transgender health care.”

Ohio political leaders need to join Rep. Dean in standing up against the child sex change industry and protecting parental rights.

Forest Wilson