Letters to the editor

Important renewal levies


I write this letter in support of the Greene Memorial Hospital levy, Issue 5, a renewal with no new taxes, to be on the ballot on Nov. 6. I am also in support of Issues 6, 7, 8, which are all renewals with no tax increase, as well as Issue 2, even as a new tax.

I can actually remember the opening of Greene Memorial Hospital in 1951 when I was 10 years old. It has been a blessing to my entire family over the years for various healthcare needs, especially for its emergency services when needed my me and my family.

As I lifelong resident of Greene County, I have knowledge of a number of fellow residents who have benefited from Greene’s professional health care services. Having been in a position to know, I am aware of the high quality—across the board—care provided to all of us, sometimes including those who are unable to pay. Greene served over 120,000 patients last year, and 22,000 of those in their Emergency Department, so many rely on its care, sometimes when minutes matter.

From its beginning, the hospital has been supported by residents from all walks of life through funds provided by county-wide levies. Such support is not unique to Greene Memorial as other hospitals across our region receive funding from county-wide health and human services levies. Vital, local healthcare remains in place because of levy funding.

On November 6, please, along with me, vote yes on Issue 5 for the important support of Greene Memorial Hospital.

— John Finlay, Xenia

Susan Lopez for commissioner


Susan Lopez, candidate for Greene County Commissioner, believes the simplest justification for government is to protect all citizens. To protect and provide community-based services that will assist the majority of people, while being a good steward of your tax dollars.

Susan Lopez’s experience as a (former) Greene County employee (Children & Family First), current Director of a nonprofit Family Resource Center and a small business owner, qualifies her to be a public servant for the citizens of Greene County. This year she was named one of the Top 25 Women to Watch in the Miami Valley!

Her background in Social Services is missing amongst the current county commissioners. Social Service is collectively the county’s largest budget item. Susan knows helping and empowering people brings a sense of community which can lead to long-lasting community improvement.

Susan has spent the majority of her career giving back through her work and volunteering on multiple community and county advisory groups.

Susan Lopez is for better transparency in your local government. She will work on the development of open and easy methods for citizens to participate in meetings and request public records. She will NEVER treat this community as a commodity.

It is time for a change and that needed change is Susan Lopez!

— Marcia J. Treadway, Dayton

Issue 2 important to county


Finding qualified, well-trained and ready to work employees is one of the biggest challenges facing business owners today. A rapidly changing work environment with new technology and process advances makes this challenge even greater. As the Development Director for the City of Xenia, I speak with business owners and industry leaders on a regular basis, and they consistently praise the Greene County Career Center for its outstanding track record of preparing young adults for the workforce. I also hear Greene County Career Center alumni discuss their readiness when they took that first job as an automotive technician, welder, hairstylist or physical therapy assistant. They consistently credit the Career Center for preparing them with both the technical and “soft skills” necessary to thrive in today’s competitive work environment.

Issue 2 is a well-conceived request for taxpayers to approve a 1.03 mill levy to construct a new Greene County Career Center just south of Xenia. The land, purchased from a private owner, is centrally located and more accessible to many of the students served by the career center. The owner of $100,000 home would pay just $36.05 per year, providing the county an outstanding return on investment.

While the current building in Xenia Township has been well-maintained over its 51 years, there are tremendous challenges with the HVAC, septic, plumbing, roofing and electrical systems. It is time to consider a new facility and the data bears this out. In addition, the need to provide students with modern equipment and facilities to prepare them for the next generation of in-demand jobs requires many upgrades to the current school.

Please consider voting for Issue 2. It is important to the economic health of this great county.

— Steve Brodsky, Xenia