Letters to the editor

Unhappy shopper


This is an open letter to the residents of this city, where I have resided and which I have supported for the past 48 years, to contact Matt Tye, manager of our local Kroger store if they have complains about this store.

My personal experience is that the store is dirty; the aisles are cluttered; the shelves are not stocked and the produce looks like crap. There are not enough coupons or gas credits in the world to motivate me to continue shopping here, particularly since I have expressed these concerns in writing to Matt Tye, who has not responded.

If you choose to complain to the corporate office as well, the address is: The Kroger Company, Customer Relations, 1014 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-1101.

— Rebecca Rubin, Xenia

An equitable and agreeable society


We live in turbulent times and most of us are hoping to reinstate a more civil, equitable, agreeable society and community. It was recently brought to my attention that a young woman who works for the Main Street McDonald’s has insisted on wearing a Confederate flag on her fingernail and displaying a Confederate flag phone cover on her person while waiting on customers.

The Confederate flag has been a symbol of racism and hate for some years. Despite the claims of “heritage” and “Southern pride”, the people who fought under that flag were (accused of) committing treason and trying to perpetuate chattel slavery. The flag itself did not become a symbol used by groups until the Civil Rights movement when it was used as a sign of support for Jim Crow and other systems that enforced and encouraged racism.

For this young lady to be allowed to wear a symbol of racism when much of their business no doubt comes from the two HBCUs in the area, Central State University and Wilberforce University is beyond ridiculous.

I encourage the citizens of Xenia who do not believe that one’s personal leanings should be displayed at your workplace to let McDonald’s know they are not in agreement with the current situation of overt hostility towards people of color who work there and patronize the restaurant.

— Dr. M. Cookie Newsom, Xenia