Teleperformance increases ranks to 550

By Brian Evans - For Greene County News

FAIRBORN — Within the last year – and the last six to eight months especially – Teleperformance of Fairborn has seen tremendous growth.

A worldwide leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, the local office at 57 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road now employs 550 people.

“We’ve added about a hundred people within the last six to eight months,” said Wallace Brown, company recruiter. “Our clients handle phone calls for one of the leading cell phone carriers in the United States. We take on calls. We are known for hiring good customer service representatives efficient in their work. We do background checks to make sure we get people in those positions who take their jobs seriously.”

Brown attributed recent growth to a wage increase, when the company went from $10 an hour to $12 an hour.

“Companies take us on because they know we are going to be responsible,” Brown added. “Their clients are our clients. In our building, we just handle that one client.”

Looking ahead, Brown said he sees the company continuing to grow.

“We are full time with great benefits,” he said. “We have people coming out of college, people with degrees… We have plenty of opportunities for people who are willing to work hard.

According to the company’s Web site, Teleperformance connects the biggest and most respected brands on the planet with their customers by providing customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, digital solutions, analytics, back-office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions.

Companywide, 190,000 people work for Teleperformance at 311 sites providing outstanding customer experience from 65 countries in 75 different languages.

“When your customers contact you or vice versa, we are there to support them and make sure they have a unique experience with your brand in all channels,” the site says. “We constantly invest in research and development to get a deeper understanding of customers’ thoughts, behaviors and needs – for different countries, industries, channels and generations. We are experts in people interactions and it gives us the edge in delivering a superior customer experience in every contact.

For almost four decades, Teleperformance has helped clients in more than 160 markets around the world strengthen their relationships with their customers.

“As one of the world’s larger private sector employers and clear global industry leader, our strategy is to attract and retain the best people and provide the best working environment to inspire our teams all around the world,” according to the Web site. “We know happy employees are more engaged to make a better experience that drives higher customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

“That is why we transform passion into excellence.”

By Brian Evans

For Greene County News

Brian Evans is a freelance writer. Email him at [email protected]

Brian Evans is a freelance writer. Email him at [email protected]