March is last month for heating assistance

GREENE COUNTY — Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (MVCAP) and Ohio Development Services Agency continue to help Greene County residents stay warm during the cold winter months.

The Home Energy Assistance Winter Crisis Program provides eligible Ohioans heating assistance if they are disconnected from their heating source, threatened with disconnection or if they have less than 25 percent supply of bulk fuel. The program runs until Sunday, March 31.

“Working with Miami Valley CAP we’re helping Ohioans manage their energy costs this winter,” said David Goodman, director of Ohio Development Services Agency.

So far this winter season, MVCAP assisted nearly 3,000 households, expending over $650,000 to keep residents warm in Darke, Preble, Greene and Montgomery counties.

“The season has been a busy one, but we are so grateful our community members are utilizing the benefits of this program to keep warm, safe, and healthy during the unpredictable winter season,” said Keelie Gustin, director of Energy Assistance Programs at MVCAP. “Our customer satisfaction surveys indicate the new scheduling system is an improvement, though we remind clients that during our busiest season it may take more than one attempt to schedule to successfully obtain an appointment.”

The new scheduling system is available at 937-514-4777 or schedule online at Appointments are available at the Montgomery County Office between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To qualify for the Winter Crisis Program, a household must be threatened with disconnection, have been disconnected or have less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel. The household must also have a gross income at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty level. For a family of four the annual income must be at or below $43,925.

Households interested in the Winter Crisis Program must schedule a face-to-face appointment at MVCAP.

Customers must bring the following items to their appointment: proof of income (copies of pay stubs), copies of their most recent energy bills, list of all household members with Social Security numbers and birth dates, proof of U.S. citizenship/legal residency for all household members. Examples of documents that are accepted to prove citizenship/legal residency include: a Social Security Card, birth certificate, U.S. Passport, naturalization paper/certification of citizenship, permanent VISA, and INS ID Card. A checklist of required documents is available online.

Per the Ohio Development Services Agency, HEAP applications will only be accepted through Sunday, March 31. All applications must be submitted by this date for processing.

Regulated utility companies will allow one appointment hold, per season, per household, if that household is scheduled for disconnection before the individual can obtain an appointment. This hold cannot be extended and failure to attend a scheduled appointment may result in utility disconnection. Appointment hold will be placed electric/natural gas account upon entering account numbers via automated scheduler. For time-sensitive appointment holds (within one or two days of disconnect), call the local office directly.

The Greene County MVCAP office is located at 469 Dayton Ave., Xenia and can be reached at 937-376-7747.